Girlfriend significant other sent me nudes. Is this bad?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by PhoenixSun, Jun 25, 2022.

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    I am a guy who is dealing with delayed ejaculation. I have completely disposed of my entire porn stash. I have a girlfriend who I have sex regularly with. Sometimes she sends me nude photos. Is this a bad thing? Is it detrimental to my recovery even though I see her nude for real all the time? I gotta admit it turns me on. I get this urge to rub one out when I see them. It's a different perspective of actually seeing her in person. Does it constitute as porn? Can it have the same detrimental effect as looking at photos of other women? Thoughts?
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    Well, at first you would say it's a good thing of course. I mean, lucky you lol. But on the other hand if you're addicted to P it can lead to bingeing. Say that you appreciate the pictures (which is truthful) but then store them away on a harddrive somewhere. Don't open for another 1-3 years. maybe once a year, up to you.
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    Yes, I hid them away. I have been doing pretty well with the masturbation thing. I haven't really had the urge. But then again, the woman I am seeing has a really high sex drive. I am trying to get away from the masturbation thing altogether. The only time it happens is when I can't orgasm inside of her. I will do the job myself to get to the point of no return then slide into her at the last few seconds. Not ideal, she likes the feeling of a man orgasaming inside of her. What she really wants is for me to be able to do it the normal way. My concern is that masturbating to get to the finish might be counterproductive. There are several nights when I get really close to cumming inside her, but just can't quite get there.
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