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  1. MarstonS (take two)

    MarstonS (take two) New Member

    I'm not going to fight, but I need to let people know what happened.

    I was a member of this forum for more than 5 years. Almost daily journal updates. I shared my struggle, learned a lot, but also shared my knowledge and helped other people.

    One day, last year when I begun to do better, I decided to make my own YouTube channel. That channel is dedicated to people who want to improve their lives, and get over porn addiction....

    ...I am NOT selling anything, I do NOT even have any online courses, or anything like that...but I shared some links to a couple of my YouTube videos on how to stop relapsing here, on this forum....

    ...WELL, to my big surprise, when I tried to log in, after some time...I found out that my old profile here on this forum was deleted by a moderator. I guess because I shared a link out to my youtube videos, because the motivation = self promotion. WHAT? I'm not even selling anything....

    ...and there goes FIVE YEARS OF JOURNALING up in smoke....all my writing...from five years back. What the F*c*!?!!?!?

    Well, If that particular moderator is still in power, this profile is going to get deleted as well, if so, then so be it...but I feel the need to explain to those who knew me, what happened.

    IF trying to help people to stop relapsing is a crime, then I guess I'm guilty. Because those where the videos I tried to share...

    The thing that bothers me most is that all the history of my struggle, that I documented almost daily for 5 years now is gone. I literally had 5 years of memories recorded here. It would have been nice to have them, being able to go back and read what worked for me and what didn't work, but...all gone now, though....all gone!!!

    This happened pretty long ago, seems like there is less activity here nowadays...
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  2. axebattler

    axebattler New Member

    Sorry to hear that.

    Are you sure your old posts are actually deleted? Have you tried searching for them (using the search function or just manually going back through old pages)? They might still be there under "Deleted Account" instead of your old username perhaps. Do you remember what your old journal was called? Or any unusual words you might have used in it? Worth a go.
  3. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    I was wondering what happened to you. Mods/owners do not seem to care at all (look at all the glorious porn spam). I wonder who deleted your account without any warning. Personally, I find this very irritating. Why wouldn't you be allowed to share your videos? I remember, they were even positively received by other members... Anyways, I'm happy you are alive and well!
  4. MarstonS (take two)

    MarstonS (take two) New Member

    Thanks guys for your support. As I said, I'm not going to fight about this, just decided to create a new account to let people know, if any of my old friends are still here, that is. It seems like many have left.
  5. Gil79

    Gil79 Seize the day

    Hey @MarstonS (take two), good to hear from you. That's really a loss what happened to your journal. I am sure it was not intentionally deleted. A mistake is easily made. It is all honorary what they are doing to make it possible for us to make use of this board.

    Was too bad as well about your youtube video, which I really liked. But it is stated in the posting policies that it is not allowed to do any promotion of that kind.
    Hmm, reading this over, I start thinking that one of the moderators was maybe a bit to fanatic here.... Well, anyway, maybe best to forget about it. I always found your journal very consistent and imspiring. I am looking forward to your updates again!
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