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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by JG55, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. JG55

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    Hey Cid not at all. It is remarkable how similar our mindsets are right now. You just have had more sex than me, so you win there :p.

    I've been saving some cialis for girls I really don't want awkward with, but I also have a generic viagra. It works about as well and I don't sweat it if sex doesn't happen(which has been the case every time) because it is cheap.

    So, what are our options? Wait for a girlfriend to rewire with? Just go for sex when the opportunity happens even if we're not sure? (PS I think unless the girl has never had a one night stand before, she has been with a guy at least once that had ED.)

    You've got a lot of reasons to feel good about your recovery and where you are right now. You have had some good successes over the past months. Even after we've fully recovered from PIED, we may not get an erection sometimes, and that is OK.

    I'm not sure that makes being with girls we really like any easier. Personally, I wish I was more experienced with going down on a girl, because that is probably always a get out of jail free card :).
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    I think it depends. If you don't get very upset with it, then trying it out can't hurt. But if you do get very angry and frustrated for not being able to perform (like I do), then it would be best to wait until have more clear signs of recovery (morning woods, spontaneous erections, getting hard without touching yourself, etc).

    Being very attracted to the girl helps a lot of course, as well how involved and how interesting she is. I'm almost guaranteed to have ED if the girl I'm with is awkward and unresponsive, doesn't do anything in bed, doesn't say anything... it's extremely off-putting for me. I'd rather jerk off than have sex with a woman who's bad in bed, lol.

    And yes, you should ALWAYS use your fingers and possibly your tongue as well, lol. Make her O once or twice before you even get your dick out and she probably won't mind if you can't get it up. I had ED with this woman once and she still came after me a week later wanting to meet up again because I put my fingers to good use with her :p
  3. JG55

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    Yeah man, I think after going down a couple times I'll have the hang of it and not worry about it either.

    Things are good in the rest of my life. I've been working out hard, capping calories, and starting to show great results.

    My dick, on the other hand, is dead as a doornail. I was in the shower today looking down and it...just so lifeless!

    Of course you never know how it will respond if a naked women started grinding on it...but it sure feels like nothing is going on there lol.

    I guess you could call it a flatline ;). I hope everything starts perking back up agian in a month, but I'll keep going either way.
  4. JG55

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    Doing OK. Had a couple wet dreams this month, which is a good sign I guess, but they're still gross.

    Starting to notice signs that the flatline is fading.

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