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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by bestversionofmyself, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. bestversionofmyself

    bestversionofmyself New Member

    24 (m) here.

    Been PMOing since around the age of 13 with viewing content escalating to the "extremes".
    I have tried to get this monkey off my back for roughly 5 years now with varying degrees of success, however a always end up crawling back for the next high. My triggers are usually loneliness, boredome, social media and alcohol. My girlfiend of four years recently broke up with me after cheeting on me while on holiday, and even though I don't blame myself for that, I still think I could have been a better boyfriend regardless. Multiple occasions of PIED and not spending more quality time with her probably played a large role.

    Long story short I want to restart my journey properly this time avoiding triggers, living a healthy lifestyle and taking more self-care. Hopefully this accountability journal will help with this. Any further advice from potential readers is greatly appreciated.
  2. bestversionofmyself

    bestversionofmyself New Member

    First day down and feeling tired, but somewhat better than expected. Had an aweful night waking up multiple times. Also caught myself thinking about my ex-girlfriend and regretting my past actions.
    Was a bit slower at work today, but at least I have a day off tomorrow, so I can focus on leasure activities again.
  3. Johncane

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    I'm 23.male. hooked to porn since 2014 that is from 14 years of age. It has been around 7years a addict. Things have drastically degraded. My confidence, self esteem, social anxiety, sleeplessness and much more. But this time is for career growth and academics. My academics have been degraded badly . My concentration has affected badly. Focus memory power almost zero. I have tried reboot. My best was 129 days. But I relapsed and then sort of edged for 5 months. And still I'm a bit using. But now decided to quit . What I realised that I had everything decided but the only thing lacking was an accountability partner and a forum . So here I'm . Looking for them. Help. Thankyou

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