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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by mhodgman50red, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. mhodgman50red

    mhodgman50red The time is now.

    Accountabilty is the best thing that's worked for me, so since I've been slipping more lately, I need to get back on here. I haven't been on here for years, and it was very encouraging seeing someone of my previous posts.

    To put it briefly, I started having ED by 19. But 24, I would have a beautiful girl riding me with a flaccid penis. I would even ejaculate flaccid. Code red.

    Fixing this was not easy, I thought it was medications I took, depression, anxiety, cancer, I couldn't not figure it out. I figured I really had something else wrong with me than what the porn did to me.

    Swearing off porn, actually holding myself accountable, and holding my and allowing myself to masterbate to my thoughts seemed super underwhelming at first, but ended up giving me much better orgasms. I actually got much worse anxiety for a long time, but ended up in a long term relationship with great sex (first time I was horrible, but great soon after that). My erections went from dead to at least 3/4 - full, more so 80-90% on average after a while of it.

    After a breakup, I fell back into bad habits again. Not nearly as bad, but it's amazing how quickly the negative effects come back too. They're so clearly not worth it.

    I'd encourage everyone on here that without a doubt, porn is toxic to your life. Here's to day two of no porn. First milestone - 30 days. Second - 90. Third -180. Looking forward to showing this as a success.
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  2. mhodgman50red

    mhodgman50red The time is now.

    Waking up to day 3 today. It’s weird, I feel like initially I get more depressed without the porn, because it’s my biggest escape. I’ve become a lot more introverted these last few years (not necessarily because of porn), and really like my time alone (even from my girlfriend). But I’ve noticed my sexual desire of her is declining and that’s not ok at all. So keeping that all in mind for day 3.
  3. mhodgman50red

    mhodgman50red The time is now.

    Finishing up day 3 of no porn. Not much to say. My drive as a whole is definitely down.
  4. mhodgman50red

    mhodgman50red The time is now.

    11 days strong.
  5. mhodgman50red

    mhodgman50red The time is now.

    Messed up, starting over. Made it about two weeks.
  6. mhodgman50red

    mhodgman50red The time is now.

    Starting over again, damnit!

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