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  1. Hey guys,
    Recently I've been getting high a lot. I even get smoke up in my parents house. I realize I'm actually addicted to the high because it makes me feel less depressed and watching porn and jacking off feels good. You could say I get high with the single purpose of enjoying pmo. This is seriously worsening my porn addiction and I need to do something before it gets out of hand. Last night I was stoned till 3am and woke up at almost 10am. On a weekday nonetheless!
    I am going to start by getting rid of all the weed in my house. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  2. Yeah, don't listen to those guys that say weed isn't addictive. Everything pleasurable has the potential to be addictive. Weed is super bad for a porn addiction because it enhances the pleasure by a million times.
    I have also had a weed addiction, and I also got high for the single purpose of edging to porn. Watching TV and listening to music was nice whilst high, but porn was better than ANYTHING.
    Without porn, weed just becomes another pleasurable activity. It isn't so bad. You would be better off getting rid of all of the porn in your house and installing K9 rather than throwing out all the weed.

    Still, you're in for a rough time. I don't want to scare you, but I just need to be honest: you are not going to have an easy time beating this. Weed + porn addiction is EXTREMELY difficult to overcome.
  3. I feel the need to post again, because my previous post seems overly pessimistic.
    The truth is overcoming a weed + porn addiction is very possible. I have almost "overcome" my addiction. I only consume about 1g per month now, whereas before it was many times a day, every day. I think that's pretty good progress. Porn is still a little more difficult for me. I still watch porn once a day, to once every two days. Kicking porn is much harder than kicking weed. My longest stretch this year has only been 20 days. But porn doesn't affect my mental abilities anywhere NEAR weed does, so I'm quite happy. It isn't the consumption of the addictive object itself that is important, it's the way it negatively affects your life, mentally, physically, socially and financially.
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  4. Thank you for replying and giving me your thoughts. I agree weed isn't as addictive as porn. Its easy to quit as I just recently started using and its more expensive and less easily available than porn. Its actually a combination of the two that is toxic.
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    My porn addiction and weed addiction went hand in hand. Weed made me want to PMO even more. I used to smoke every day after work. I haven't smoked weed in over 10yrs now. My PMO addiction while not over has greatly been reduced and I'm still working and being vigilant. I'm in way better physical shape than I was when I smoked as well. I don't miss it much at all.
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    Get rid of your weed. Delete your dealer's phone number from your phone. If you hang out with people that encourage you to smoke, start telling them you are giving it up. Don't let old patterns drive you back into using it. Along with that, take the usual steps to avoid PMO. Since you wired your brain to associate PMO with weed, it might even be a little easier to kick your PMO habit once you have gotten rid of your weed as well!
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    I suggest: write down a list of ways your weed-free life could be better. And write down a list of ways you could end up if you fully indulged in the lazy pothead lifestyle.
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    +1 Weed + Porn is not a good combo at all! Believe me: If you're serious about having a healthy and happier life, you'll be glad you quit weed. At first of course you'll crave it but as time goes on you won't and will feel 100x better without it.
    And I know there are exceptions to every rule. But I'm 47 now and I only have one friend that still smokes weed very in almost daily. He's also my age and has been smoking since high school. And he STILL hasn't really gotten his sh!t together. Never gotten a steady job, always temp work, no healthy relationships, and he's always broke. His net worth is about $ 47. If he wasn't stoned daily, IMO, his situation today would be different.

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