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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by RebalanceMe, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. RebalanceMe

    RebalanceMe New Member

    This blog just exist for a bit more movtivation, to describe some counter strategies for not relapsing and thoughts. For now i dont want to talk about why PMO is so bad and how it probably changed my character, I just want to know how my life would be without it.

    I think setting goals is the best way to stay on track. The main goal is NO-PM until the end of 2012. I wont plan the wohle time well, but at least the start.

    My first step would be to reach 14 days of NO-PM. But these first days would be probably the most difficult ones, therefore I need some short term counter strategies. When it gets close and I almost fail than I should divert myself with ...
    - taking a cold shower
    - going out for jogging / doing some other sport
    - trying to meet friends / doing social stuff
    - trying to date (more) girls
    - concentrating more on work

    I think some of it will work pretty well, but its probably hard to be konsequent and to react instantly. I will see.

    for motivation:

  2. Nickolas Duval

    Nickolas Duval Rebooted!

    Hi RebalanceMe,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I like your strategy. In my opinion setting goals is really important to complete this challenge. It especially helps to break your goal into steps helps a lot.

    For now I found the first 2 weeks the hardest. After that I have had some hard moments, but overall the beginning could be difficult. :)

    Good luck!

    Gr. Nick
  3. RebalanceMe

    RebalanceMe New Member

    yeah I get more and more the diffcult phase. IT SUXX! but still on track 8)

    Its really hard get his own thoughts under control, in my opinion this is the most difficult thing. Everytime we are controlled by our thoughts which are more intuitional and short term, not thinking about future. Its really hard to think long term by all this influences.

    keep grinding!^^

    drunken post is obv, have fun;)
  4. RebalanceMe

    RebalanceMe New Member

    I failed yesterday. Had a really bad week, drunkentimes and reallife probs.

    Now Restart...


  5. RebalanceMe

    RebalanceMe New Member


    no progress, series of fails (but no P). Counter strategies are useless if you are totaly inconsistent - hard to keep the thoughts clear and fokusing on the goal (EVERYDAY :/)

    Obv restart today...

    gl us

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