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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by George3334, Jul 21, 2019.

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    I'm here for support in a quest to live a better life. Porn is a personal problem and a hard habit to break. It's been with me for so many years, decades really. And so here I am, launching a journal in the hope that I might be able to share my personal struggles and learn from those of you on the forum who have gone through similar experiences.
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  2. George3334

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    Welcome sir. This is a group of men who are so familiar with the fight
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    Thank you Boxer. I appreciate the support.
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    Hey George, Lost in Translation is one of my favorite movies... Read the links you put up. Some familiar faces on the Esquire document, which were mildly triggering. It's funny when i started quitting i thought i'd never forget the stuff i'd watched (not because it was especially freaky, just i have a good memory for faces) but 5 years down the track it's almost gone. Can't wait for it to disappear completely.

    I recommend reading lots of journals here, especially Wabi-sabi, Omega Man, Saville, 40New30... In hindsight i wish i had read more earlier.
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