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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by General Jack D Ripper, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Back on the fucking carrousel
    These addictions stay around forever
    Just gotta keep em down as much as possible
  2. punther

    punther New Member

    Sorry to hear about your struggles

    I have been there myself making resolve to never do it again and the relapsing the same day or day after

    I think the secret is from within yourself deciding that enough is enough, it is easy to think you have done this but if you pmo it means you have not yet internally committed to it. If anybody really wants to do or stop something they will.

    You will know when you have reached this place but until then you just gotta keep in there
  3. thx for stopping by

    ya i agreee back when i had a zero tolerance and no peeking policy thats when i did well

    now im just lazy and unmotivated but im gona try to change that
  4. LTB

    LTB Member

    Hi Jack- keep up the good work. I feel you on this "laziness" or lack of motivation. Perhaps for us, after hitting so many "30 day" just feels pointless. Like- what is the point of all this will power and "banning" when at the end of the day, we just wack off eventually.

    I really relate to you because we both are in a similar boat. We can get girls. We are sociable. We even have success in many areas of life. But we both recognize that porn is not a positive part of our lives.

    For me, I have noticed progress in recognizing the "urge" for porn - and also more awareness on my triggers. Today, I relapsed, but I am not going to throw out this developed recognition of when I'm feeling "that way" - the way that always leads me to typing in a porn site in my browser.

    Hope we both get even closer to ridding ourselves of this vice in 2016
  5. bad relapse

    relapsed every day for the last 4 days

    today was the worst like 6 hours

    basically my addiction is as bad as ever and if i let things go, they go

    theres no end to it

    its like a chronic cigarette smoker your addicted for life

    every day will be a battle for the rest of my life likley
  6. ohhhhh the agonnnyyy
  7. ohhhhhhh the agonyyyyyy part 2
  8. quitting porn halfway leads to the same thing as quitting cigarettes halfway
  9. leads to more addiction
  10. Im going back to my old rule

    peeking counts as porn, so i cant search for anything porn related

    porn porn porn

    ime porn addiction just gets worse and worse if you go halfway even if you only fap to it like once a week or even once a month

    as long as you keep your porn stash and think about new types of porn that would come out etc

    eventually your gona binge on it

    its like your a more phaggy version of an alcoholic

    besides im getting all sorts of weird other effects from porn usage that are getting worse with each porn usage even if i stop for a few weeks or so

    gotta quit completely at this point its the only option if your into fetish porn and youve tried to quit before

    quitting for months, weeks etc is not the solution

    setting 90 days goals does not work

    waiting till you feel rewired dosent work

    waiting till your brain fog/ED clears does not work

    waiting to get cured from whatever the fuck problem does not work

    fuck the problems porn is causing you

    just choose to loose it

    forget about your reboot, its imaginary

    as is your progress etc

    you got to choose to drop it forever now

    and uphold that decision daily

    every day

    for the rest of your life

  11. and another thing

    most importantly

    porn is not something that just happens


  12. had a wet dream last night
  13. breakingfree

    breakingfree Guest

    Hey general, hope you're reboot is going well, don't give in now. It gets better
  14. ya it was till i fucked it up as usual

    anyways thx for stopping by

    lets get this for good this time
  15. breakingfree

    breakingfree Guest

    I'm sorry to hear that general. Some battles will be lost, but the war can still be won. Let's re-write our lives and no longer be the guys who just mostly fapped and failed to be better men.
  16. its ok

    thanks for the comments

    things will be better with a new mentality
  17. only accept excellence from yourself nothing less

    dont be addicted to anything
  18. i just read through my journal

    what a sad sad sad story lol
  19. first real urges to search porn today since last relapse

    glad i chose to come here instead

    all out of boredom....mind tries to find reasons to justify just a peak

    ridiculous reasons.....

    its a daily battle

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