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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by General Jack D Ripper, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. What happened?
  2. just fapped twice to porn

    it wasnt that bad of a binge but a mistake none the less

    anyways time to try to quit again

    but its hard with so little motivation

    gotta try to change that

    im apathetic i guess
  3. Still not motivated.......

    only motivated after i fap to pron for like 1-2 days or so
  4. just had a horrible binge

    this is what happens with half assed attempts
  5. really bad binge i need to revaluate my strategy

    oh wait i did that 3 years ago.....

    ive been on this site 3 years fuckin 3 years

    still watching porn

    ive had some good streaks for about 90 days

    but that dosent mean i made any progress

    none no progress

    as long as i go back to pron there is no progress for me

    and i dont even care anymore

    once you keep failing after a while its hard to even care

    im 28 for fucks sake

    any porn is a failure

    and i only really care after i binge

    like now

    and even then not that much

    i dont have ED

    i can get laid

    i dont know but i think i feel just as bad as the guys that have these problems but for other reasons i guess

    it feels fkn terrible

    but even though it does i cant care all that much

    its like apathy

    and most the times i relapse i just do it because i start reading shit on porn

    on my old favorite sites or youtube vids

    and i dont fuckin care

    i just keep watching

    start fapping

    still dont care

    its great

    well its not even great anymore

    then peeking becomes 4 hours of search fapping for a perfect scene to but a nut to
  6. only one tihng to do quit all porn

    il be addicted for life

    no advice can help me now

    ibe known what to do from day 1

    no amount of thinking or talking

    this is just so stupid
  7. Rough shit

    You a habitual dude? IS it like a ritual?
    Habits are hard to break..
    You might want to try some of those K9 porn blocking programs.

    Whatever you are doing is not working right now.
    Apathy makes it damn near impossible to change, that´s a real bitch to break.
    You might want to go out in the woods for a week and camp in a tent or something. Get some change and new perspectives
    Do some shrooms or something LMAO
    I don't know. But something..
  8. thanks man thats all some good advice

    ya i guess the habit is peeking

    peeking starts it all

    i want to know if there are new vids for the stuff i like etc

    and you know where peeking leads

    its not too habitual but now it happens like once a week i could say

    i dunno the only times i think i was succesfull was when i didnt peak at all

    peeking kills

    i can stop peeking its just that i dont

    especially when bored
  9. doing well

    just deleted some porn

    still got some though

    gaining motivation






  11. yup PMO'd

    man abstaining for 3 weeks makes that porn really strong


    well i think i have a pretty good resolve now

    it wasnt a bad relapse but still no good
  12. If you went three weeks no O then that really is solid.
    Even three weeks no P aint bad at your state.
    It does get really strong after that break, after a couple of months though it gets weak, and won't be strong again unless you binge. My experience at least. Im guessing three weeks aint enough for the brain to heal those pathways.
    Just get back on track

  13. absolutely i agree with everything you just said thank you

    and i am doing just that

    Right back on track

  15. LTB

    LTB Member

    For me, it always starts with peeking. In fact, looking at my PMO counter, the peeking starts days before I PMO (and has for every streak). It's the indicator.

    Really, one peek should be a massive red flag.
  16. your right

    well i just MO'd with a small amount of P

    so i had a relapse

    but picking right back up

    at least it wasnt a binge
  17. LTB

    LTB Member

    Your counter is still looking good even with the slight slip up.
  18. thx bud

    how u holding up?
  19. had a huge binge

    well time to start over
  20. didnt PMO but i peeked for like 15 min

    from now on any intentional peeking is to be counted as PMO

    it eventually leads to it anyways

    ive always had in fact only had the best streaks with absolutely no peeking

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