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  1. Dominate

    Dominate New Member

    I am a 29 year old male who used porn pretty much daily for fourteen years before I had sex or did anything sexual with a partner, so full blown case. I can have sex with weak erections in missionary only at this point so I guess that's better than nothing but that's still pretty fucking weak imo. I can't be hard for oral or anything else and I never have been able to. I've only ever been able to do missionary. I have tried to go PMO free and had success for several stints but always fell back into it. This time around however, I will not be falling. I have entered an amazing relationship and it's time to fucking grow up and put this shit behind me and wake up from the nightmare that is ED. I also ruled out anything physically wrong with me SEVERAL times...

    About how long of a full recovery time am I looking at if I go no PMO the whole time? I'd like to regain full function of my Jimmy by Christmas, that's my goal for myself but who knows? I will likely be active with her, but I can take orgasm off the table for myself if need be.

    Thanks guys, appreciate any words of wisdom.
  2. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member

    Hey Dominate,

    I think that's a bit of a tough one really because of:

    1. All the variables involved - diet / exercise / meditation / enough sleep and good quality sleep etc
    2. Each individual's brain and their porn and sexual history etc

    Does that also include no sex?

    I've had sex with my partner 5 times in the 71 days I've been rebooting and each time it has set me back and put me into a flatline. I have no 'proof' of that other than how I feel / felt.

    I have absolutely no regrets about doing so and I'm sure I will have sex with her again at some point in the process, and I'm also fully prepared for my reboot to take some time, as in 6 months or more. Maybe even a year of more. Fuck, it might even be three years!

    My point is, I suspect I'd be much 'further along' than I am now had I not had sex.

    I've spent a great deal of time reading success stories both here and on YBOP and it seems that there isn't really a 'here's how long it will take and here's what to expect' type scenario. They really have all been very different.

    From what I have read from other successful rebooters, I would think you'll be well clear by Christmas.

    Hope that's helpful.

    All the best, :)
  3. Dominate

    Dominate New Member

    Very helpful, thank you very much for your input.

    I suppose in the grand scheme, I'm ever touching this poison again for the rest of my life so as long as it takes to recover is as long as it takes, period.

    Hopefully it's a some what gradual improvement though and I can begin seeing positive changes during the healing process. Right now stuff like viagra and what not really doesn't do much of anything. I mean I have just as good as erection using it as if I didn't so it's pointless. I am considering trying horny goat weed and the like.

    I am sure I will continue having sex regardless much as you do. Whether I orgasm or not, that's something I can definitely manage better and for now I believe I should definitely take that off the table perhaps until even after Christmas.

    I'll keep fighting the good fight.

    Thank you.
  4. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member


    No worries. Glad it was helpful.

    Just thought I'd mention that back in the day, I used to do herbal pills and found these ones, called Vigour300 to be extremely good! I used to get them on eBay.

    I only used to take half and they would be good for around 72 hours. If you're thinking of taking Horny Goat Weed, then you might want to check these out first.


    All the best, :)
  5. Hey Dominate,

    Giving a general timeline for rebooting/healing is difficult. Often you will see 90 days being a suggestion, but this varies a lot. Some people need much, much longer. I have only begun my own healing journey and I expect it to take a long time. i feel 90 days is only my starting point and not my end goal.

    It depends on how long you have had PIED and how intensively you have used/masturbated to porn and fantasized about porn.

    Don't compare yourself too much to other people.

    The important thing is to let your body and mind heal in their own time. Since you are the only one who's had your experience and have your body, no one can say exactly how long it will take for you. Just let the healing/rebooting run its course and don't panic if you think it's taking to long. It's better to prepare yourself for a long journey towards health rather than expect a quick recovery. Remember, you have abused your mind, body and reward circuitry for a long time and consequently you will need time (and maybe a lot of it) to heal. As long as you remeber this and don't give up because you don't see the effects you expect at the time you expect them to occur.

    For inspiration, listen to this radio show where GABE talks about how it took him 9 long months to finally conquer PIED. It really is worth a listen. There are two shows where Gary interviews Gabe as you will see when you click on the link:

    Also, check out GABE's own posts on this very forum. Here is one example where he gives a great reply to a question about flatlining:
    Finally, read the rebooting success stories on this forum for inspiration. They will also give you a clear picture of how the healing-time can vary depending on the individual.

    All the best
  6. LSad95

    LSad95 New Member

    Hey Guys.

    So I just turned 18 and I definitely have Porn Induced ED as well as having Performance Anxiety. I've been watching porn and masturbating to it since I was about 16 and obviously the stuff I watch has gotten pretty heavy over time. I know it's down to porn because I've had sexual relationships with two girls from the age of 15 through to 16 fine, then I had a year and a half break of no sex and ONLY porn. Afterwards I returned to a sexual relationship, and the first bunch of times I couldn't remotely get erect.

    Anyway, today is my first day of refraining from masturbation and porn, I need to do it in order for me and my girlfriend to have a healthy sex life in the future. I've heard the recovery in some cases can take up to 6 months, however; In the 8 months I've been with my girlfriend we have had sex successfully about 50% of the time, as erections are not impossible but just very difficult and condoms make it even worse, and recently we haven't been able to have sex in at least the last 5/6 attempts. The irritating thing is my girlfriend is genuinely incredible, so out of my league and any other guy would not have a problem, and I desperately want to be cured of this so I can stop being a sexual disappointment as soon as possible.

    So I was thinking, 2 years of porn and occasional erections is not as full blown as some cases, so do you guys reckon 60 days (2 months) would do the trick? That's what I'm going for to start with. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member

    I would suggest you read the previous responses in this thread for starters and then have a look at the success stories, as well as watching the videos that 38YrsOldCombatingED mentioned above.

    This isn't a linear process and it's also not the same for two seemingly similar 'cases'.

    How long you've been using porn and the genres that you used to view aren't really indicative of very much when it comes to determining your reboot time.

    What's most important are the changes that have taken place in your brain and how long they need to fully heal.

    You may have 'only' been watching porn for a couple of years, but if you started before ever having had any real experience with a real female, then it's possible that that could make the recovery time longer than someone who is, say, in their 40s and had lots of real life experiences, even though they've been watching porn for 15 years.

    Really, what you need to do now is to buckle up for the ride and do as much as you can to support your brain and body as they heal:

    - Enough sleep every night and good quality sleep (i.e. in bed by 10pm ish)
    - Good diet
    - Meditation
    - Breathing exercises
    - Regular exercise
    - Plenty of intimacy with your girlfriend without necessarily having sex

    Remember, you can't push the river. Just got to let it ride out in its own good time.

    All the best,
  8. LSad95

    LSad95 New Member

    Thanks a lot!

    Well I've had two sexual relationships before that lasted around 6 months each so hopefully I'm not doomed for a sexless 6 months or so, especially considering it's not at the point where I can't have sex at all yet. I mean, I can get aroused and get erect by myself, I can just do it best with porn and find it very difficult with my girlfriend. But the good part is that me and her always say that our relationship isn't just about sex, and we've been through a lot of shit together, so I'm pretty sure she'll understand the no sex part especially if it means we can still be close.

    At the end of the day, I'll wait for my flatline to start and then I'll just leave it until I start to get naturally aroused by my girlfriend without the need for anything else. I'm actually okay with this and I can be very patient (due to the year and a half without sex beforehand), my only worry is that she won't be able to last too, but we'll see! I have seen some cases can take up to half a year to 9 months and hopefully that won't be the case for me. But thankyou for the other pointers, recently I decided to be healthier anyway and start exercising a bit so that should help.

    I mean, the fact that I can still SOMETIMES have sex and get hard (just not very hard and not for very long) without porn can only be a good sign, right?
  9. WillWolfrick

    WillWolfrick New Member

    I think this is a very good question for us to think and discuss.

    I consider my story is somewhat similar to Gabe's but mine is a little bit worse. Gabe discovered about porn effects when he was 23 (I think) and I when I was 25. I believe we got hooked into porn at a similar age, around 15. I also developed PIED and most of the few sexual encounters I had in my life were pure disaster and humiliation. When I started rebooting porn no longer gave me erections.

    After 7 months of rebooting my libido started to come back and at the 8th month it was really high, to the point where it started to be painful to not go for sex. Rebooting for 8 months with no relapses and following Todd Becker's ideas (cold shower, extreme workouts, intended exposure to stress) brought me very very close to recovery I believe.

    Unfortunately....after I had sex in the 8th month my libido increased even higher and that was hard to control...had sex again one week later and I feel like I've destroyed most of the progress I did so far (didn't watch porn nor masturbated though).

    So, it took Gabe 9 months to see good signs of recovery, it took me 8 months to see the same signs. I know there's no comparison between me and Gabe or anyone in this forum, but maybe we can find some patterns into people's recoveries time.

    I think that had I taken it slower and not fantasized as I did and not having an orgasm one week later from the first one I'd still be in good shape. I wasn't coming back to flatline for more than one month at that moment.

    So, everyone is different, maybe it's not possible to reach a consensus on how long it should take to heal, but I think that people who, just like Gabe or myself, the "longer rebooters", started watching porn in a young age and developed ED and watched porn for about 10 years or more might heal if they go about 8 or 9 months with no relapses and being very healthy.

    I've been reading success stories for almost 9 months now and (I know people will hate me for saying that) most of the stories I find hard to believe. I certainly believe in Gabe's story but the others I read are really weird stories, it's hard to believe on them...

    Some guys write stuff like

    "I watched porn for 10 years, after 90 days I'm a new man. I'm confident. I have a new job. I look at women and they have orgasms so I'm working on avoiding to look at them too much. I'm afraid I might kill them by orgasm overdose. Oh yeah, I gained 100 pounds in muscles. Now I have sex 3 times a day everyday. I feel like God. No, actually God might be feeling like me. Good luck guys."

    or stuff like "I took some Indian pills and after 60 days I'm recovered!"

    (I just checked and right now the first success story in this forum is a dude saying he's cured after 16 days of no pmo....who knows...I don't believe it but it's just my humble opinion).

    I don't buy the 90 days you are healed as many success stories say that. I believe, for what I've learned so far, that if PIED was induced after several years of porn abuse, you might come back to normal after 8 to 9 months being healthy. But this considering what I've lived and what Gabe told us. The other stories we don't know if are true, I bet they are not (ok, now I've gained a few more enemies lol)

    When science study this we will finally figure this out ;)!
  10. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member

    Well, I don't want to piss on your fire and ultimately, I only have my own experience to go on, as does anyone. Is it a good sign? I would wait and see what happens when (if) you go into flatline.

    I'm now on day 71 and I've been in flatline pretty much since day 5.

    If you've read my first post above, then you'll know I've had sex with my partner. Those were the times when I came out of flatline and sported a rather impressive boner, even if I do say so myself.

    The downside to deciding to have sex on those occasions? I went straight back into flatline and, on a couple of occasions, the flatline was significantly worse than it was beforehand (although I made the decision very consciously and have no regrets about doing it).

    I would encourage you to read other people's success stories to build up an idea of what might/could happen, and then do as previously suggested with the buckling in and taking care of yourself.

    With regard to the success stories, though, WillWolfrick does make some good points about the 'miraculous' recovery times. My guess is that some guys saw some great progress and thought they were done with their reboot.

    It would be interesting to hear how they're doing now because I suspect that at least some of them experienced a 'false positive', in that they came out of flatline and performed like a stallion, only to go back into flatline again.

    As I say, I've come out of it before and had the hardest, fullest boner I've had since I was in the single digit age range (I'm approaching 40 now). And now I'm deep in the depths of flatline again with no sign of the one eyed monster opening his one eye any time soon ;)

    As a side note (and now it's me that's about to have people hate me for saying this), I do think there's perhaps just a tad too much hope and expectancy placed on science to provide all the answers.

    Just because science 'proves' something, it doesn't mean that another group of scientists hasn't come to the exact opposite conclusion, but never got the air time in the media, nor does it mean that it won't be disproved at any point in the future.

    History is littered with 'scientific proof' being disproven further along the line.

    It seems to have become the new religion to the point that some won't even try something until it's been given the green light by science, and if they do try it, they won't believe their own experience and simply label it as 'placebo'.

    Just my humble opinion and no doubt I now have a few haters ;)

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