Gary Wilson has passed away

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by -Luke-, May 22, 2021.

  1. -Luke-

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  2. Freedom from Servitude

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  3. Rest in peace mister, and thank you for your contribution. If it weren't for you I still would be a virgin and would face serious mental issues. Let's hope research about our problems won't die with him.
  4. Try til succes

    Try til succes New Member

    Sad story if it wasn't him I wouldn't be here he played his role on our lives. Rest in peace our hero
  5. TrueDat

    TrueDat Active Member

    Rest in peace Gary. Forever grateful that he spread awareness about PIED, without him I might never have understood the reasons behind my condition.
  6. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Rest in peace!
  7. Hooked50s

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    Sorry to hear that... RIP!
  8. Pete McVries

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    Same here. I am forever grateful for the work he has done and shared with the world without being scared by the backlash it would cause.
  9. -Luke-

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    Without Gary this entire forum might not exists. If I remember correctly, The Underdog created it at the suggestion of Gary, after more and more people showed up at the website of Marnia, Gary's wife, with PIED.

    May he rest in peace.
  10. tarconi_union

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    Gary will live on in memories and ideals of us rebooters.
  11. DoneAtLast

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    I doubt when he started his career he expected to affect so many people so profoundly. Many of us started the journey with that single Tedx talk, not to mention the effect of all of the research, the legal battles, the documentation, everything else.

    It was never clear if he devoted so much energy to this cause because it was an academic curiosity or because he felt a moral obligation to help all of these young men, and we'll probably never really know. We do know that it couldn't have happened without him and that freak incident of an internet algorithm sending people to his wife's message board. We'll always be thankful for that.

    He'll be missed.
  12. axebattler

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    RIP Gary Wilson.

    We need more people like him in the world.
  13. MindPoison

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    RIP Gary, thanks for contributing your research to the world. Your website saved a ton of lives that would've been ruined due to lack of awareness from porn's effects, and I'm grateful for that.
  14. Deleted User

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    Very sad news. Rest in peace, Gary. Thanks for everything.
  15. -Luke-

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