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    Do it. It's worth it. And if you're going just for one hour. Although this man didn't talk much, I feel enormous changes within my mind, man. I don't recommend you to do it. No, I even want you to do it. It's the best thing you can do. The attitude "I don't need anybody to help me", which I had, proved wrong today. So if you do have the thoughts of visiting a therapist: do it.

    Day 23 and I'm feeling like I'm back alive. Some old mindsets are coming up. Some old beliefs. And some old ways of taking actions. I listened to some old songs all day, so I'm very emotional. The "I-don't-give-a-shit-about-all-of-you-attitude" establishes itself again. And I like it. I don't care about people, society or any fucking politics. I don't care about all the negative shit going on in the world. Of course, I've got opinions about this and that, but they couldn't influence me in a negative way today. That's how I like it.

    The only thing I'm really constantly thinking about is my beloved money. Green, brown, purple or blue - I'll take them all. That's no joke. I'm motivated again. Motivated to become financially wealthy. Some years ago I always said: greed is good. And so I do again. That's why I actually started studying. And I want to keep on studying again. I want to get straight A's again. In every single subject.

    But of course there are changes. I'm not 18 anymore. I'm not naive. And I'm not setting myself back to a primitive way of thinking. Pure greed isn't the virtue I want to represent. I want to take responsibility for myself. Money isn't everything, although it has a strong force of attraction. Also, there is not going to be any wealth without developing myself. I need to take the right action at the right time. From now on, I'll not waste a second anymore. There's a lot of work to do. I wasted too much time already. So it's time to catch up and than cut ahead of all the people out there.

    There's only one life for me, so I have to enjoy and use it. It's in my hands to form it the way I want it. All the other things are things I can't change anyway. No need to think about them in an unhealthy way.

    I took a nap in the afternoon. I dreamed about that girl.. Wild red hair, tall, freckles. Cutest face I've ever seen. And she had a passion for fashion. Dude, she was well-dressed like no other woman out there.

    Don't know what to say about the PMO-stuff. Not thinking about it. Not thinking about anything. I don't care, man. I'll just go straight until the point until I'm cured. No shortcuts, but also no unnecessary extensions. As I said in the post in the morning, my therapist took the last desires to masturbate. ;D ;D ;D I'll never be able to fap again, ahahahahaha. And seriously: I'm not planning to do so.

    I applied for a job as an sales assistant in part-time to make some extra money. Normally not the job I ever dreamed about because I regarded myself as a guy who has to act in the background, not the "sales-front". But I think that working with people in direct contact will only help me.

    I'm looking forward to see the therapist again, hahahaha. Next meeting is in four weeks, he didn't want to see me earlier. Now I can guess why, haha. I'm curios about what will happen in the next 30 days.

    I'm making plans for life right now. I. Am. Alive. Again! So my next task is to immortalize myself by becoming a legend.

    I wish you all the best, guys. Do me the favor and become happy. You owe it yourselves. Overcome this damn addiction, work on your lives. Do whatever you want to do and whatever has to be done. Don't let yourselves get depressed. Never again. Here's some motivation:


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    Day 24. Nothing to tell. Balls hurt a little bit, I'm getting erection by thinking about girls. A big improvement hasn't come so far. But that's all right. I'm looking forward to reach the 30 day mark.

    Applied for a couple of more jobs. Still a little bit ill. I guess I can return to sports tomorrow. Definitely friday.

    I put more old music on my iphone. It sets me in a positive mood. Apropos mood: it's stable. I didn't have any swings the last days.

    I'm losing weight. I wore a pretty tight t-shirt today and people were going out of my way. I looked like a soldier in a way. Same colors plus the short haircut. :D

    Need a woman. Now.

    I'm out. See you later. Live good, mates.
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    I can relate to the "need a woman. now." mindset. Some really burning desire and frustration can set in during the process. I reckon that's how a natural sex drive is supposed to feel - like a DRIVE.
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    Yeah, I was a little afraid that some guys from t3h_1nt3rn37 would come and say: YOU'RE N33DY!!!11 as I've written that. But hell, who doesn't desire a woman? I want some, and I'll get some. 8) Nothing needy about that, man. Every man wants a girl at his side (unless he's gay or so).

    Day 25. That's a milestone, man. I couldn't get up this morning. For the first time after almost a year or so, I laid down again to sleep some more minutes. I was tired as fuck. I fell asleep immediately. For exactly two minutes. How do I know that? Well, I had a dream. I was standing there and it was raining banknotes. No fucking joke. Just me, an empty space and the dough. Woke up as the first bank note touched my body. And stood up immediately. I was awake. I'm talking to much about money, man. Sorry for that, but it really motivates me the last days. Listening to songs like "got money", "money to blow" and "window shopper" all the time.

    Well, I made some changes in my apartment and sorted out old clothes. After that, I had to leave for university. In the bus, I got a slight erection by looking at a girl. The first time during the reboot that I "feel my little friend". Damn good, I swear.

    Until afternoon, I had a smile on my face all the time. And I'm telling you: people can be so damn friendly. :D Approach/talk to people with a smile on your face and they will do whatever you want, lol.

    Good concentration. Six hours of lectures - no problem for me.

    Bought contacts (I'm wearing glasses), got my eyebrows plucked and my beard shaved. No beard anymore, lol. :-[ :D After that, I went to buy some beauty-products (new perfume: Lalique Encre Noire. Manly as hell!). ::) The vendor that gave me advice in the store was so turned on by me. I swear. I will never forget how deep she looked me into the eyes. That wasn't some standard look. She had that expression in her face.. Don't know how to describe it, man. :D Got discount in the end and 10 (!) trial packages of several perfumes. Well, I left without doing anything. No comment on that. :D

    Life's good, brothers. Use it. Enjoy it. Live it. There's only one chance.
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    Yeah, I was a little afraid that some guys from t3h_1nt3rn37 would come and say: YOU'RE N33DY!!!11

    Yep, that's how it is. Tell them you need a woman and you're faggot whose faggotness can be scented miles away by any woman. The only solution to this is to "focus on yourself". It doesn't matter if focusing on yourself is playing Xbox the entire week, just FOCUS ON YOURSELF, MAN.
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    Focus is the right word, my man. I admit that being needy is not what I mean by "I need a girl". But focusing on the desire can't be bad. Do whatever you think is good for you and for the group. I believe that this mindset leads to success. Natural behavior.

    Well, Day 26. I'm drunk, omfg. Alcohol makes me act like a coward. I should avoid it. I'll drink some alcohol when I'm around good friends, but whenever I go out, I guess I have to stop doing it.

    I am awake since 05:00 in the morning (now it is 01:00 at night). Been on my feet since then. First at university, which was quite nice. Not my best day, but still ok. After that, I went out with a now good friend of mine. We've been talking a lot about life in general. Later, we wen't to a public festival. We got drunk. ::)

    No desire to masturbate. Some nice and tight erections. Empathy is improving. The reboot is a success already. I'm looking forward to reach more and more days.

    That's it for now. My mind is not clear, yet. :D Have a nice day. 8)
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    Hi, how are you? It´s a long time you haven´t been here! ;)

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