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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by hope2overcome, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. hope2overcome

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    "After 3 days I gave in to the urges smh then like most fapstronauts I decided to binge.. So right when I was done I took out my headphones and got off my bed and realized a grown ass man pretending not to look at me thru my window. There were a bunch of construction work going on and for some stupid reason I don't have curtains plus I was using my headphones so I didn't realize they were there. Smh! Hopefuly I use this as motivation for my next streak!! I'm sick and tired of fapping. And that was soooo embarrassing!"
  2. EpicGanja

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    I also got almost busted, but on a different way, I was young and years ago and I was fapping and I forget that the window washer was coming, so I heard some strange noises at my windows, I ignored if for a few seconds, I heard stepping noises, so I ran to the window, closed my curtains and I hid under the window so he couldn't see my through the thin curtains. I was lucky xd
  3. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Window washers? You live in a tall skyscraper or something?
  4. LMFAO! Holy fuck if that's not a sign from God lol!

    I've had moments after like 3 or 4 months without porn or masturbation where I've been compelled to perform other types of behavior, (which in retrospect, was my brain trying to get it's chemical fix from extreme shit) where if I was caught, would have caused many many complications and probably negative situations.

    Always maintain SELF-AWARENESS!
  5. Imfree

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    That curtain thing got me several times. Never assume that the curtains or blinds you have will actually prevent people from seeing in your house. Check for yourself during the day and at night. The computer monitor puts off a lot of light and if you have thin curtains people will be able to see exactly what is on the screen.
  6. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Would you be so kind to share? :)
  7. Imfree

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    1. Similar situation as the OP describes. There was a narrow window looking into the basement. The curtain was open because there was no line of sight to the street. I saw a guy walking around outside. He was working on the oil tank or something (mom's place).

    2. My first place on my own. I had been fapping in bed to VHS tapes non-stop. One time I walked in the door to the apartment building and realized that at that angle, in that one spot you could see through the slats of the blinds and see all of my one-room unit. (rotating the blinds 180 degrees fixed the problem).

    3. Moved into a new place. Couldn't PMO at the old place. Got super excited and binged to extreme porn of questionable legality as soon as I arrived. I went outside and saw that for a few feet walking by in one direction you could clearly see what was on the monitor through the curtain. An old man had walked past several times on security duty.

    I can't say for sure that I was seen any of these situations, but it is certainly possible.
  8. Imfree

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    Not exactly the same thing, but in another place I rented a room in a large house with 10 people. There was no lock on my door. I was lying on the bed fully naked PMOing with my projector set up to cover the whole wall. One of my roommates gave a little knock and immediately opened the door before I could say anything. I covered my junk with a pillow and he said "oh dear god". He brought up the incident later and I changed the subject. At that place somebody was also in my closet. My Fleshlight was moved and some of my porno mags wound up in the shared bathroom cupboard. Obviously my roommates were low-lifes, but things would have worked out better for me if I had nothing to hide.
  9. EpicGanja

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    No just a normal house, you can rent windows washers if you are too lazy to do it, my dad did.
  10. MiracleHagen

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    I had a wet dream on a flight (I was half awake half sleeping trying to keep myself awake)

    I hope nobody noticed

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