fully cured of pmo addiction..i am free atlast!!! an amazing transformation!

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    hello everyone!!this is a very long post but take ur time to read it..i am sure it will be of some help to u if u are a porn addict and wish to quit this deadly habit.. i had been a severe severe porn addict since the past 6 years..slowly,my life became exactly like hell..i suffered from terrible brain fog,chronic severe insomnia ,symptoms which mimic premature onset of dementia ,weight loss,loss of appetite,energy and general health,pimples,dark circles beneath my eyes with sunken cheeks. i became a sick man and also started exhibiting parkinson like symptoms..i had tried more than 1000 ways of quitting it,tried each and every way of freeing myself from the shackles of this demonic act but each and every attempt to do so finally ended in a failure..around 2 months ago,i figured out a MAGICAL FORMULA that has freed me from the grasp of that monster forever..i put my faith in God..i have been visiting the temple very frequently and started praying more and more so that i would be cured of this addiction!i have been absolutely pmo free for the past 60 days..i know that this period of abstainence from pmo may not seem to be something from which one could conclude that he is free..in fact many people relapse even after completing 100 or more days of nofap challenge..
    BUT,i can confidently speak with 100% CERTAINITY THAT I HAVE QUITTED PMO FOREVER ..and of course that's not without a reason!!

    Actually,the magical formula that i have devised in the last 2 months has had a tremendous impact on my mindset..i have been able to build a psychological barrier against the act and now,that stands so tall that it will never allow that demon to come to me again.
    I do not feel any urge to squeeze my penis anymore!! yeah!! i still feel some sort of sexual fantacies or thoughts at some times but to a massively reduced extent..i have never touched my penis for masturbation since i made a vow to God to abstain from that dirty act..the sexual thoughts that i feel mostly come during late night when i am unable to sleep,or during early morning when i am still partly asleep and sometimes when i do not have any other work..my life goals have become my sole priority now..my focus has shifted from obtaining self pleasure to becoming a successful man in life..when i study hard throughout the day,no sexual thoughts arise in my mind..
    Very strangely ,i have turned into a strong strong believer of God within these 2 months..just about few years ago,i was a pure pure atheist..but now,instead of pmo being an obsession,in my free time period,i am obsessed with divine thoughts like wishes to connect to God,read ancient stories arising from texts like the vedas,the puranas and the upanisads(i am an indian and a hindu by religion)..the satisfaction and happiness that pmo has been giving me can never even get close to the mental peace and happiness that i get after reading more mythological stories of God and offering my prayers everyday and night!! it's hard to believe but such transformation is nothing else but just a miracle of God..i cannot describe in words how much happy i feel whenever i visit the temple or pray to God..i just feel that there is some sort of connection and while saying my prayers ,i assume that i am directly talking to God even though i cannot see him...i have become a great devotee of the hindu goddess kali and accepted her as my only saviour...as i read the divine stories of the ancient saints like swami Vivekananda,Ramkrishna paramhansha Dev and The bengali poet Ramprasad Sen( one can find out about them on the net if he does not know),i was just enthralled to learn about how deeply they were connected to God ..i was greatly influenced by such stories..they provided me with such extreme happiness that pmo simply faded away from my brain!!
    I needed something that could replace the happiness provided by pmo and Then God came to my rescue.U can call me crazy or mad ,but as i learnt that these people even had visions of the Goddess herself just due to their devotion,from that time onwards,there has been a huge desire inside me to have such visions and connect to God..i feel it will give me the highest amount of happiness one can ever achieve in life..This has been my story in the past 2 months!! just imagine how much deep effect this divine stories have had on me..i was not an ordinary addict!! my addiction was far far far worse than the worst cases discussed on this forum!! And,just imagine ,where i am standing right now!! i just hope that this becomes a permanent change in myself!
    Atlast i am free!! However,i just need to reverse the ill effects of pmo on my brain and body..i need my brain and body to get back to the most original and healthy form so that i can go ahead and fulfill my life goals,my career goals and establish myself as a proper and successful human being...i know those withdrawal syndromes that i get sometimes are just normal..they indicate that the brain is detoxing and disintegrating the neuroplastic changes that have occurred since a huge time span in the past..i know it will take time for those withdrawal symptoms to get away..also i still have to rely on 0.25mg clonazepam on a daily basis for sleeping at night..and i have observed that whenever i get any sexual thoughts,even though it is a lot rare now,few sperms pass through my urine..it is not intentional..and i just hope that it will stop someday or i have to go to a doctor.The pimples still keep on popping up and i think i should get some hormonal tests done! However,when i sleep well,there's enough clarity in my thinking process...i can think in a slightly better way after quitting pmo..just waiting for the other symptoms to disappear...though i know it will take time and i must not lose my patience.
    Remember guys,to quit pmo ,u have to fight with ur own self..and it's not just about a day..each and every day will be a tough struggle to free urself..have patience and trust God!!
    Once my phn memory used to be full of porn sites and nude images but everything is finished!! my browser history mainly consists of educational videos,career choice related links,and things of my personal interest like maths,astronomy,etc.,entertainment videos,songs,comedies,movies,etc.No trace of any porn site can be found.
    Once my condition was so so pathetic and scary that i thought that i would never be able to escape from that hell and die!! but ,it's been the most amazing change i have ever seen inside anyone in my life and i am proud of myself and extremely indebted to our divine Goddess!!
    I no longer appreciate any sensual images..rather,i appreciate nature,it's beauty,the rain,the sky,the stars,the earth and of course,the purpose of life!!! i am on my way to fulfill the purpose of my birth and best wishes to all other people who are struggling to get rid of this demon!!

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