Full Proof Method To Fix PIED!

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    How do you get stronger? You lift weights right? How do you get good at basketball? You practice the skills associated with basketball, right? How do you fix PIED? You quit watching porn and pretty much go a long period of time without masturbating! The interesting thing about this dilemma is you really don't have to do anything but abstain from something that you are addicted to! One thing that is similar though is that in all these instances you need motivation!
    Motivation can get you through those tough times when your body cries out for gratification. What motivates you? Having sex with a real girl? Not feeling depressed? Not having anxiety? Maybe all three of those things. I highly recommend you get a copy of the book on yourbrainonporn.com and read it daily! It will help you keep motivated to keep going!
    The key to fixing this thing is to really do nothing and wait for your normal sexual urges to come back. That really is all there is to it. After you go about a hundred days or and hundred and 20 days you can try to rewire. This involves doing stuff though. YOu have to actually go out and chat with real life women. If you can do that you can get some experience with girls and rewire your brain to real sexuality! What if you go 150 days and you still don't get an erection?
    My advice is to try a penis pump along with a cock ring! After you reboot try to masturbate with a fleshlight and use a penis ring and cock ring. If you can fuck your fleshlight without any problems, theres a good chance you can do it with a real woman (don't use porn when you fuck your fleshlight..only masturbate to the sensations you feel..no facebook pics..nada). If you cant fuck it..try using the cock ring and the penis pump..or maybe just a cock ring. It will help you maintain your erection. They work quite well but you will need some practice using one..so practice with the fleshlight until you can do it rather easily! Any comments or questions on these methods?
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    Hey, great post. I'm currently on day 32 on no porn or mastubation and I need a light at the end of the tunnel. I watch no fap videos on YouTube and I read some success stories on here. I suffer from erectile dysfunction and I'm hoping to get feeling back in my penis. Thank you for this post for shedding a new light on this no fap journey
  3. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    my pleasure man...I'm so glad its helpful to you and hopefully others as well. I'm at day 41 now..my goal is to reach 50..my previous record was 48 so I hope I can make it...yes, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel..the other half to the equation is rewiring...I have some posts from before on how to get women..approaching, ideas on how to attract women (working out etc)..my best advice is to work out...this really helped me with attraction and it also helps with your erections..doing squats is incredibly powerful at gaining and maintaining an erection..when you start, believe me..you will feel like a beast at just after a few workouts

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