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    Hi guys:

    Reading all this histories make me feel that i'm not the only one with his sexual life fucked by porn, but it doesnt make me recover the time, the lost chances, all the possible lost partners, the wasted time, all the love that never was. I'm on my day 107 without porn, strugling with anxiety, anger, that produces me watch my dick sometimes irresponsive, the fucking frustration for delayed ejaculation. I havent relapsed and i will not do it, for me porn left me a huge void, a massive pain in the soul, 'cause has been 20 years, 20 years since problems began, now at my 43, feeling me less than other guys that can fuck and cum without any problem, i feel only frustration, finally i awaked and i can see my loneliness. I would have wanted to know about this before to be healthy, happy, and dont waste my time on the screen, money on medical assholes that dont have any idea of nothing. I dont know how much more time will take my recovery, at this point of the road i can say that has been hard, dificult, painful.

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    Welcome. I am pretty new here but not to this problem. I am finding being a member to be helpful and have been staying outside a lot more.

    Time and not matching the person we set out to be are the big ones for sure. I am absolutely terrible at writing and expressing myself. It is likely a symptom of this struggle.
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    Hey there. I hear you. I'm new here too, but I've been battling the addiction for many years. For a long time, I thought "If I drop this, what excitement will I have left." I think that the really rough thing about p addiction is that it links itself to fundamental urges: to have sex, to connect with other people, to be young, to make life exciting, to be important, to be free. But I think that's the addiction masquerading as one of these urges. All by itself, wanking to porn is NONE of these things. It's just using the desire for these things to stay alive. I know you feel now that you have a hole in your life. I guess the tough (but exciting) question you get to answer is: "What do I fill that hole WITH?" We're both asking that question!
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