From Pornography to Marriage

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by thefalcon241, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Well I changed mine lifestyle. At first I kicked PMO, then PC. Currently I don´t use PC more that 5-6 hours a week for entertainment, before it was 40+. I sold or griefed all mine game accounts. I have joined theater course in January. That was huge boost in confidence, because that was thing I was scared most :) I started working on my sleep patterns, food habits, daily habits, exercising, learning more stuff for school. And I have started approaching people more. Mainly I started following personal life goals. Existence of long therm and short therm goals higely helps with happiness. But even today many things are not perfect and there has to be done a lot work. Many ideas I got are from lot of book I have read (V.Megre, T.Ferris, M.S.Norbekov, C.Newport and many other authors). Most helpful were definitely Megres but those books are philosophical and sometimes controversial, but for me very refreshing. I don´t know what else, I have tried some drugs both legal and illegal, fasting and few other things. For confidence boost definitely there is Norbekovs system, but it is not for lazy and shy people. His sentence "Idiots learn on their own mistakes and freaks learn from idiots". Definitely system for me :p There is girl approaching marathon, lot of exercises both physical and mental and ton of other, but this is not review for those books. Also only like 3/30 are translated from Russian and I think there are equivalents and maybe even better authors, who knows. Good luck I go to the bed.

    EDIT: Also I do cold showers, but who knows if it helps.
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    Wow. I bet the change in lifestyle helps immensely. I have to discover what changes I have to make in my life.
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    The big benefits in my opinion are a more thorough variety of neurotransmitters are released with actual physical intimacy with our partners... oxytocin, better balance of seratonin and dopamine and all of it helping the wiring in our heads focus on being with a warm loving partner. All we get from PMO is wiring/reward circuitry for fake, hollow and empty "false intimacy"... result is bleh... sadness... regret and emptiness. I would rather just cuddle and hug my wife never mind actual sexual intimacy than ever watch P again.
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