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Discussion in 'Women' started by Giavanna, Mar 3, 2017.

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    The last time I was on this forum was August 13, 2014. Since that time, I actually married J in July of 2015. As far as his porn addiction is concerned, he may be over it. I'm not really sure and this point I don't care, because I have realized that J has an even more severe issue. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It all makes sense now. EVERYTHING!
    About three weeks ago, I had read a post on Twitter, concerning Pres. Trump. Someone had said that they thought he was narcissistic. I had heard of this disorder before, but did not know anything about it. So, I started reading about it, researching, watching videos about it. That was when I began to 'see' the same symptoms in J. It became glaringly apparent.
    Just because someone has a porn addiction, doesn't mean that they aren't narcissistic as well. Narcissists have a sense of entitlement and will play any game they have to in order to get their way. Before you know it, you'll be watching porn movies with them or doing any kind of sick sex thing they want you to do. Emotionally, you will be stripped down to nothing. Don't try to argue with them or get any kind of sympathy. You won't. They always turn everything back on you! You can't reason with them. They don't care as they are not capable of caring. Yes, their brains are wired differently, but it is permanent. They cannot change. There is not one single case where someone with NPD has changed. They took on a "false self" at a very early age, and were probably raised by narcissistic parents, who did not give them the love they deserved. Yeah, I know you may feel sorry for the narcissist, but please don't. Although it's nice to show empathy and concern, please don't forget who they really are. They have little to no empathy. You will NEVER get empathy from them. Don't expect it. They will play games with you and it will erode and eat away at you. They will "lovebomb" you (put you on a pedestal, make you feel like you're soul mates, etc.), gaslight you, promise you things they know, they are not going to deliver, lie to you, talk about you behind your back, use snide remarks, jabs. They will never take responsibility for anything wrong they have done, for any hurt they have inflicted on you. They will put you on a pedestal and then knock you off of it, without warning. As long as you provide admiration, attention, etc., you will be on that pedestal. However, if you try to stand up for yourself, they will probably fly into a rage and end up blaming you.
    The reason I am telling you this is because I hope to help those of you, who may also be suffering because your mate has NPD. I hope you will do your own research about this disorder and recover your emotional stability and sanity, before it's too late. Please read this article and if you see yourself in this, please get professional help. That is what I intend to do.

    Please, copy and paste this link into your browser.

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    Hope you are moving on to something better. It's difficult to not feel sorry for narcs, because there isn't really any such thing as a true narc. All mental disorders exist on a scale, some people that seem narcissistic might in fact be suffering on the inside.

    I like the comparison to Trump, and Id say it is equally applicable to Hillary. An election of bad choices and no Bernie Sanders.
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    Hey Giavanna, this is an old post but I hope you can read this. You are talking my language. I am a CTPSD suvivor. This year I realized my family of origin has always made tribal narcissistic abuse of me. I have always been in pain, suicidal thoughts have been with me since childhood.

    I have always been extremely anxious because I needed to provide to four narcissists to survive. PMO was a way to diminish the anxiety. I started here, it helped stopping P but it was something deeper.

    I am in trauma therapy now, in a CTPSD group in facebook which is amazing and just reading and trying to get informed and healed. I am sorry you are / were in that situation but it is good you realized soon enough. Look for Dr Ramani on Youtube. I have a lot of resources now . Let me know how have you been and if you want to talk about it I am here for you. :)

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