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  1. slash86

    slash86 New Member

    What the hell are we supposed to do. Yes, there are some guys who lay off for a while that will regain some or all sensitivity. But what about those of us with permanent low sensation issues. This has honestly consumed every day of my life for the passed 2 years. The thought of never feeling the penis enter the vagina being gone makes me want to commit suicide. I don't know how I will live with myself. My quality of life is simply decimated. I truly believe my life is over because of this. How can you maintain an erection of you can't feel anything? Would pde5s work? Such despair I really don't know if im gonna make it guys.
  2. UpendiT

    UpendiT Member

    How do you know it's permanent? Just wondering. I have those issues, too. It's the reason I can't get over this addiction. I have ED and 0 sensitivity (I can't feel scratches even). I get into a hopeless state and relapse.

    I've been pretty close to suicide a few times, but couldn't do it because it would destroy my family. I don't know what I will do if I never get better, but so far it has completely killed my motivation to succeed or work towards any goals. I used to dream about meeting a wife when I was a kid, now those dreams are dead.

    Well, anyway... I'm not going to fail this time. If I don't notice improvement in a few months, I'll probably seek out a job that is extremely dangerous and pays a lot - why not?
  3. Psalm 51:2

    Psalm 51:2 Wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin.

    You mean that you have no sensation at all? You don't even feel the vagina even a little bit? How do you know this is permanent? Have you already abstained for 30-60 days and saw no change?

    What are you talking about suicide man, that is ridiculous. Have you thought about people dealing with cancer and those kind of diseases? Come on..

    There are multiple threads on penile desensitization. First of all I see that you PMOed 11 hours ago. Go on a 30+ day streak without touching your penis and then come back. There are also creams to help the penile skin regenerate itself (man 1 man oil, vitamin E oil). There are also other supplements like Vitamin B complex, L-arginine, L-carnitine. But the most important thing is NO PMO and NO MO and no M at all for at least 30-60 days. There is no secret.
  4. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    slash86 and UpendiT could try using a fleshlight. I have a severe case of DGS as well. I felt nothing during intercourse. I haven't used my hand in a month. I abstined from M for 10 days before I started using the fleshlight. I felt very little sensation the first time. Now in week 4, it feels stingy when I enter the fleshlight. I'm not fully healed, but it does improve sensations. Today, I orgasmed in the fleshlight after 15 minutes.

    I'll do total abstinence from PMO for a month, starting tomorrow, just to see how it affects both my penile sensitivity and arousal. I wanted to do the DGS cure first to gain a bit of confidence that my sensitivity is healing. After 2 months from now, I'll try the fleshlight again. If I've become very sensitive by then, I'll try sex with a girl. I want to fix this no matter what.
  5. slash86

    slash86 New Member

    Psalm, in regards about what you said to cancer victims. Yes, I do understand how it sounds. But honestly, if you take this away from a guy his life feels futile and pointless....and aimless. I'm telling you man it's a completely legitimate thing im going threw and like I said in complete despair.
    This has affected EVERY aspect of my life. It rips the motivation right out of me because I remember how I used to feel before all of this.
    I don't know what Im going to door if ill ever be happy again. Like UpendiT said, those dreams now feel dead, so I feel dead.
    I truly hope Im over reacting even if this thing is permanent. I wish and pray all the time but I don't think He's helping me in that department,.
  6. rjdb

    rjdb New Member

    Make sure you see a doctor/urologist to rule out anything physical. You may be a case where ED drugs are necessary.
  7. slash86

    slash86 New Member

    if it anything physical its probably dry whacking for 15 years and the ramifications of that. don't know what to do.
  8. SmallStroke

    SmallStroke Member

    Discounting a physiological problem, arousal plays a big part in how sensitive the penis gets during sex, maybe youre just not aroused enough due to porn etc?
  9. slash86

    slash86 New Member

    That is a valid point Golden Path. Don't know if its that case, but valid sir.
  10. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    I undersTand becase i have low sensivitity myself, but there is much worst than that in this world. If you want to impregnate your wife there are plenty of means to do so other than notmal piv lol.

    No PMO and no MO or M for at least a few months. Then use a fleshlight as it seemed to work for a lot of people.
  11. UpendiT

    UpendiT Member

    Yeah, that's sort of the point. This world can be hell (think about how you stay alive). I believe most people look past that by having relationships and sex.

    I looked forward to going out on dates before I even knew about sex. It just seemed so magical. Now I'm 23 and never have even kissed a girl, so sex isn't going to happen very soon, not that I would risk bringing a child into this shitty world without being in love...

  12. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    You don't know when you are going to kiss a girl or have sex. Maybe you will meet a nice girl in a couple of weeks and end up with her in a couple months. Who knows. You need to seize this opportunity to cure yourself before D-day.
  13. nowheretogobutup

    nowheretogobutup New Member

    For what its worth, last night I was starting to M, touching my penis etc., running a finger over the underside of it and realized that I was actually feeling good / nice feelings. For years I might have felt pressure there from my finger but would it would not have felt 'good'. This is after almost 9 months no PMO, not much MO (every 2 weeks or so), using Man 1 Man oil, and making a lot of changes in my life.

    And don't think about suicide, I've been down that path myself. I've had ED for 10+ years, I compensated for no sex/no relationships by finding other things to focus on. For me it was trying to do "good works" and alleviate suffering of other people, this was key as I saw my minor problems were nothing compared to the horrors some people in this world experience. Get out and try to do something good, see people who have it much worse, and get some perspective on your problems. Or, another guy here said he started his own company and built it from nothing to a big international firm, so do that if it what you want. Note I am not saying I am a happy guy, and I am just now working to overcome the isolation I've put myself in, but my point is there is always hope for recovery and you can still have a meaningful life.
  14. Panadol

    Panadol Guest

    Time to stop with the negativity and put that energy towards healing, starting today. You are amongst people who have been in similar positions to you and have resolved the sensitivity issue with great success. I am one. My story and my progress is in another thread in this forum. Easy to find. Go and read through it and you should start to feel a lot better about it all. Also go to the Cure Death Grip website and read that as well. Google it.

    You mentioned dry-wanking. There, right there, is your problem. You have squeezed the life out of your nerves in your dick. You have exhausted them to the point they can't feel anything. Your hand has deadened them. Okay, this can be fixed.

    First things first, stop with the hand wanking. Now. No more. Your hand is killing your dick. The day you stop using it on yourself is the day you start recovering. Then you probably need to start with a gentle moisturiser to begin healing the damage you've done. After some time as your dick recovers, you will then start retraining the nerves of your dick to resensitise and some of us have used a fleshlight to do this with lots of success. It stimulates without having to squeeze.

    It also goes without saying that P stops as well. That's a given.

    Anyway, get over to the thread I was talking about and have a read.
  15. Numbness

    Numbness New Member

    not having sensation leads you to think that there's no future. I understand the suicidal thoughts. Some people doesn't understand that suicide does not mean that you don't want to live. It's just you don't want to cope with life (because you want to live not to cope --> life should not be a suffering process). Life doesn't worth it at all. I mean, the value of life depends on the things you have in life, and if there's nothing you love in your life, life becomes a torture, valueless.

    But I also think that, if there's no future (which is something you're not certain about) there's nothing to fear, and there's nothing to lose. And if you don't love anything in your life, you won't suffer if you make some changes. What's my point? Well, with nothing to lose and nothing to love, making a huge change doesn't seem to be a fatal blow.

    To sum up, I prefer going all the way for 365 days, even if you don't have hope and you find it clueless and pointless. You have nothing to lose. If after the battle you want to do the "seppuku" I think it would be a respectful choice. But suiciding before the war is for cowards.
  16. Mart71

    Mart71 Guest

    As someone who has to recover from low sensitivity myself, but sees progress, I'd like to suggest (in my personal order of subjective importance):

    - Stop touching your dick, if you want to recover from low sensitivity. OP, your counter currently says you PMO'd three days ago. That should stop. Both your body and your mind have to recover. Deathgrip may cause actual physical changes to your penis, like to the skin and the nerves. The skin of my penis is actually visibally changing from a rough, darker skin to a lighter, softer skin. It goes in patches, so there is quite a contrast.

    - Have patience. I am at 250 days with no porn and maybe 10 orgasms from masturbation and I am not fully recovered yet. But I am much better. Example: in the beginning, I didn't even feel a bj. Like I couldn't tell, if my penis was in her mouth. There was no erection of course. Today, I get hard from a bj without ED drugs and I can sometimes cum from it. Have patience, your body can heal.

    - Use your penis in the way it supposed to be used. Have sex. Maybe use a "fleshlight" as suggested above. I did not use a fl, but I have lots of sex with my gf and that helps a great deal. I had to use lots of ED drugs in the beginning, but now I have tapered them off quite a bit already. Having sex, even though you are not fully recovered, helps your confidence and general well-being a lot. Seeing progress over the months shows you the reboot works - but also that it may be slower than you hoped for.

    - Take care of your penis. Use lotion for the skin. Keep it clean.

    I (42 year, two and a half decades of deathgrip pmo) had also more or less given up of having a good sex life before the reboot - but now I know it is possible.
  17. slash86

    slash86 New Member

    you guys..ALL you guys have been help in some way...thank you...I just cant believe how my life has become consumed by this. no man should go through this except sexual deviants that hurt ppl. Its on my mind every time I shift in my shorts or walking or whatever. never thought my life would turn out to be like this. all I can hope for is that it wont last much longer.
  18. MichaelT99

    MichaelT99 New Member

    Acetyl L carnitine is what you need, fellas. This is a protein that repairs damaged nerve endings and brings back a lot of lost feeling down there. A creme called Man1 Man Oil has it in it. It works very well... all you have to do is apply it once a day. You can get it online. Check it out.
  19. Harvill

    Harvill New Member

    I used Man1 Man Oil - it helps a lot

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