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  1. bluediamond

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    Hey guys, I don't know about you but I have not given up facebook, explicit tv shows (entourage,etc.) and other forms of soft artificial stimuli during my reboot (just passed the 3 year mark). I've looked at legit online porn probably no more than 10 times over the past few years, and have had quite a few streaks over a month long of no O, I thought this was enough but I guess not. I think the really soft artificial stimuli is what is holding a lot of us back because we see it as harmless compared to what we used to beat off to. The issue is, were still getting sexual pleasure (no matter how small) from looking at something on a screen or a page, not a real person. Part of me thinks we would reboot faster going to a strip club every night than scrolling through facebook and instagram for an hour every night. These are just some thoughts I had recently, please share thoughts of your own on this.

    P.S. I realize its common knowledge we should avoid ALL forms of artificial stimuli, I just think it's more important to avoid the "soft" stuff than a lot of us may have previously thought
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    Yes I was on tinder, okc, etc.. I closed all those 2 weeks ago. But I'm still in flatline, pretty bad. At least I have only looked at porn only once since past 2 months.. Hoping my condition improves overtime
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    To bluediamond - Your reboot has not been 3 years if you've looked at porn "10 times over the past few years".
    Your reboot is dated from the last time you looked.
  4. i seriously think 3 yrs is way too long for a reboot!!! if u still have not recovered from ur ed, r u sure ur problem is pied? u need to look it up the criteria of pied. i doubt any pied patient would take that long and still havent recovered, this is really ridiculous. one year is the longest time for anyone who got pied to recover. u cannot have watched that much porn so that u stop for one yr still got pied, its just ridiculous. 3 months is somewhat reasonable. for ur case , 3 yrs, i seriously doubt ur problem is caused by porn.
  5. My man, I'm also a long rebooter, and something tells me the same thing what you wrote, I was looking for similar topics, and to my luck I found this topic and came here. I was always doubting internet, youtube, facebook etc. to be counterproductive during the reboot. Even if you do not seek consciosly light artificial stimuli. The internet is full of sexy stuff, even when you search for something that is not related to sex.
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    Im on my 5th month of reboot, and still have a way to go. So Id consider myself a long term rebooter. However, like someone said earlier, a "reboot" is measured from the last time you watched porn. So this is not a 3 year reboot. If you didnt relapse to porn you probably could have beaten this 2 years ago. I see myself taking one year to fully recover

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