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    I have been a user of forums like this for a few years now and have used communites like this one to learn more on the subject of cultivating a healthier sexual psychology more in alignment with one’s core values as a person. I personally have gotten a lot out of this website since I have been on it but, I have seen a lack of something.

    As many of us here know there are many people who have sexual fetishes; for some people those fetishistic behaviors are just fine and the person is okay with them. However for others their sexual fetish can manifest in very unhealthy ways and can cause much sexual confusion and even suffering. For those who feel that they have unhealthy fetishes I feel that we need a community online to encourage productive discussion on the subject of overcoming unhealthy fetishes, as well as offering a place of support and encouragement for those who not only want to overcome unhealthy and or unwanted fetishistic behavior but want to become the best version of themselves in this area.

    There is a new subreddit community called r/overcomingfetishes for this exact purpose. Now those of us whom may be having difficulties with unwanted fetishistic behavior and want to cultivate more desirable sexual behaviors can now come to a community that shares a common goal of cultivating a healthier sexual expression of sexual arousal. If you think that a community like this could be of benefit to you please visit the subreddit; lets come together to build this community and help out each other!

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