Follow Me And I Shall Make Thee Fishers of Women!

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ted93704, Feb 12, 2016.

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    This short rant is designed to get you laid quickly! All you have to do is follow the advice and I guarantee you will be in the arms of a woman in no time! Just follow these 5 basic rules. Its a sure thing!

    1) Clothes bring Hoes! Real Talk! Dress nice. You will be rewarded!

    2) Hit the gym. Lift weights. Do cardio. Get in shape. Stay in shape

    3) Talk to women. Be nice. Be funny. Be witty! Dont be afraid to touch them and let them know you are a man with naughty intentions!

    4) Walk like you can hear The Bee Gees in singing Stayin Alive in the background. Its all about the walk!

    5) Use body language and facial expressions to convey that you are the shit!

    All of these tips can each be an article in themselves! I hope this article helps some of you learn to talk to women!

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