Flexible erections

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by wataru, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. wataru

    wataru New Member

    I know that every penis is different and erections vary from person to person. I read that some guys can't move their erections much without feeling a little pain while others can. Also, some guys can bend their erections a little while others can't. I'm one of the guys that can move his hard erection in any direction and can even bend it a little at one particular place (but not much). And still, despite that, I'm able to penetrate a vagina or balance a towel on that erection. So just wanted to clarify is this normal?
  2. marco

    marco Guest

    I'm also interested in this one, is it normal to be able to bend your erection just a little? Or is it really supposed to be hard as a rock?
  3. kv22206

    kv22206 New Member

    I was always able to move my penis at the base when erect. rest of it is pretty stiff( that is when i get an erection) but only moves all over the place at the base which makes insertion a bit of a problem.

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