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    Hello everyone, I am 18 years old and I started masturbating at 13 with photos of girls and imagination, later videos of seductive women and then I started watching MILF porn, consider that I was a guy with a very high libido compared to the others and with these porns I masturbated 3 times a day very compulsively, I was always shy, but a handsome guy... after 17 I started a relationship with a fantastic girl and we have been together for 1 year, after 5 months we tried to have sex but my cock did not respond, so from February 2022 I started my journey, I had 2 orgasms from her, and I masturbated 4 times, I had also reached 60 days of hardmode where I had seen small improvements, but then I masturbated ruining everything ... now I am in another 33-day hardmode series, and I plan to stay there a lot until I am almost healed, and in the meantime being With my girlfriend for kisses, hugs etc... at the beginning of this hardmode series I had crazy erections, but now I've been in really ugly flatline since day 20 and I'm getting depressed, I hope this step soon... anyway I haven't watched porn since February, and now I'm at 33 days hardmode
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