Flatline with orgasms - even after 9 months

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by President Clinton, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Que_Curioso

    Que_Curioso Member

    Multiple orgasms does send me into a flatline-like state where I don't really have any libido can morning wood is still present and I can still have erections with manual/oral stimulation.

    Takes me a couple of days to recover.

    Got better with more sex (with orgasms), but every once in a while it happens again, and I dunno which path to take.

    Since no one here actually seems to do it, I'm gonna try to have as much sex as possible and see if it cures this symptom.
  2. ireboot

    ireboot Member

    Couple of days is not bad, it takes me like a week, and even after I dont feel libido, I just feel that I can have an erection again but not really a drive to get a girl and have sex. I think having as much sex as possible is not a bad idea, refractory period should shorten eventually.
  3. Asap93

    Asap93 New Member

    I haven't been intament on that level with a girl for a year plus some now but the girl that I was on that level with was my ex I mean we had that look where you see each other and just know and I'm fine that it's over and I've been with women since her but not on the intament level we were on so when I've orgasmed I've been in that state of flatline after sex too. So I invited a girl over tonight and I'm going to go off on her just make her come a hundred times but I'm not going to O at all. I think I just need to feel that level of comfort with real women again I think that's what we all need so I'm just saying if you haven't had a girl and always turned to porn then stop that and let yourself feel because I think that's a good way to make it stick. Make it such an intament situation that the neighbor see's you and gets horny I think we need intensity in our reboot because I also get thrown Into a flatline after sex
  4. White_Wolf

    White_Wolf New Member

    We all agree that PMOing into flatline is a real libido killer, rediscovering that libido again is more than just doing it...there is a huge confidence component. When I became more confident my libido went up massively as well.

    Also anyone that can go 9 months without PMOing obviously must be very motivated but also therefore may place a huge emphasis on being able to get errections, hence we cant rule out anxiety playing a part here.
  5. MeReborn

    MeReborn New Member

    Before my reboot, PMO more than once a day always mean dead dick for next several days. I didn't realize and learnt about "flatline" until I started reading on this forum.

    I have mixed result upon O. Last time I had sex after a 3+ weeks reboot and I got a huge chaser. I had sex with my wife twice on the same night, and I still couldn't get enough and ended with a relapse the day after.

    About a month ago, I had sex with my wife for 3 consecutive days and it send me deep into the flat line. My libido is close to zero for the whole month, and I am experiencing all the bad symptoms like headache, anxiety, and depression.

    I feel so frustrating.....
  6. President Clinton

    President Clinton New Member

    quick update:

    I refrained from o'ing for two weeks and my erections are back. rock solid. I guess i just have to be careful about o'ing too much for a while
  7. King Felix

    King Felix New Member

    I find that to be true, as I explained before. When I'm confident I don't have "flatline" problems.
  8. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    This seems to be the case for a lot of long term rebooters. Minimize the orgasms until the erections are coming naturally and have been for a long while.
  9. King Felix

    King Felix New Member


  10. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    I wonder if the fact that so many of us need a long time between O's after reboot means that we are still trying to restore D2 receptor capacity or if we are trying to rewire to orgasm with women?

    I think it might depend on the individual, and be a little bit of both.

    Also, it's probably not as simple as all that, indeed the science is still emerging. However, the solution seems clear enough, low O's for a long while works, whether we know the mechanism or not.
  11. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I seem to be in a similar situation. I basically abstained from all O's for about 5-6 months. My libido came back, I MO'ed and was back into a flatline. Took me another 2 months to return and MO'ed again. Now I am in a flatline again. Felt blue balls the past few days. I guess we have to go without O long enough even after we get our libido back?
  12. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    Yeah, I'm still struggling with the orgasms throwing me into a flatline, too. It's getting better very slowly, though, and my period of flatline is less intense/long seemingly every time.

    I still think rewiring without orgasm for an extended period of time is the fast track for this issue. I felt like a king after approximately 50 days of rewiring without orgasm. The rewiring was really intense, too, but never to the point of orgasm. Unfortunately I had an orgasm at the end of this streak and was thrown in a big flatline, but I think the cumulative effect of many instances like this is the quickest way to get where we all want to be. Doing it is a little easier said than done, though ::)
  13. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    I personally believe that MO has to be worked down to absolutely 0 for many of us, for me MO, PMO, and edging M will ALL never be "ok".
  14. BlackCoffee

    BlackCoffee New Member

    I agree - dont touch yourself downstairs - seek a woman and then do it all.
  15. Kingofqueens89

    Kingofqueens89 New Member

    When you guys say you go into flatline after orgasm was your erection strength during sex at 100 percent or was it weak I think if we are completely healed and have sex with with a strong erection that comes naturally we will not feel depleted aftewards.what do you think?
  16. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    There's only one way to find out! O'ing with a partner can, in some cases drain your libido and boner power, doesn't mean you shouldn't try. If that happens just take some more time outs.
  17. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    This is the best advice right here! It's different for everyone. While I'd say it's more common for people to need to avoid orgasms until there erections have come back full force for a long period of time, here's a great success story where someone said they couldn't imagine rewiring without orgasms. The polar opposite! http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=11691.0
  18. vikingrage1207

    vikingrage1207 New Member

    Thank you so much, I love this passage. I think one big thing that I'm slowly beginning to actually realize is that at my age (22), I will never feel like I did before I developed a problem with porn (at age 13) ever again. We think that we will return to that hyper-sexual, getting-spontaneous-erections-so-strong-they-hurt state, when in actuality, it's not necessary so it never will be like that again. But we think that's how it always is, because it was like that before we moved into abnormality. That would be great if it were the case...I remember once in Jr. High i got a spontaneous erection in class that was so hard I probably could've brought myself to O just by kegeling. that's truly something unrealistic, and you're only like that for a few years out of your life. It's just not the way things work... I really think that we have to teach ourselves to space out or O's anyway, because we never gradually learned it naturally since an O and a naked female was always a click away.
  19. vikingrage1207

    vikingrage1207 New Member

    Anyone here think that this goes beyond porn? and by that, I don't mean a physiological or biological problem with our bodies, but instead that maybe through such heavy porn use, we all inadvertently became sex addicts as well? are we all stuck in our 13-year old mind, thinking that we need to be horny at all times?
  20. LookinForAnswers

    LookinForAnswers New Member

    I think I'm going through a second flatline period myself. I had a few successful O's after quitting pmo for a month... but then low libido/ed came back soon after. I'm beginning to think that avoiding everything, including orgasm with a women, is the bet way to reboot for the first 2-3 months.

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