Flatline with orgasms - even after 9 months

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  1. President Clinton

    President Clinton New Member

    I have not masturbated or looked at porn for 9 months now. in the beginning I went over a 120 days without P, M, or O. I regained my ability to get an erection and have a new girlfriend. However I still find that orgasiming - even from sex - puts me back in flatline. Lastnight (after a weekend with multiple orgasms) I couldn't get an erection with my girlfriend. It was really embarrassing and Im terrified I will be stuck in flatline for a few weeks - if i can't get an erection for a few weeks she's gunna wonder what the hell is going on

    Whats the deal? I thought I had beat this
  2. President Clinton

    President Clinton New Member

    and my counter is since my last O, not PMO - I havent masturbated or looked at porn in 9 months
  3. I've brought this issue up recently in another post. Many guys complain of this as they begin to gain their erectile health. The issue is probably that you didn't do enough rewiring. You might need to spend a little bit more time avoiding O while you just sort of kiss, cuddle, hug, bathe together, etc.

    How much rewiring did you do before you began orgasming with her?
  4. original

    original hope

    Didn't watch P for 2 years, didn't M for 1 year and still, every time I O flatline hits me hard, after I O with my girl I have heavy ED that's crazy, I guess we didn't abstain long enough... too much damage.
  5. President Clinton

    President Clinton New Member

    I didn't O for the first 2 months or so with her (this is after doing no PMO on my own for a while). We have sex and after a while I just pretend that I've came. After 6 weeks I threw in the odd O (once every week or two). I was careful not to start O'ing too regularly because I heard it puts guys back in flatline. Last week I figured I'd finally done this long enough and I can start O'ing (it been 9 months for christ sake). I O'ed 4 times in one week and BOOM i get ED.

    I've now been rewiring with her for over 6 months (it was recently our 6 month anniversary). I have gone over 120 days no PMO at one point. Then I went another 30 to be safe. I regained full erectile strength but O'ing still does this. Im absolutely terrified as to how long this new flatline will last

    Would love some more advice from guy's who have gone through this
  6. This is gonna sound whack, but maybe you can try Viagra. It might also help to just come clean with this girl.
  7. Bibbity

    Bibbity Wife of a recovered addict. 3 yrs strong.

    Are you fantasizing in order to O or at any point during sex? Fantasizing can be similar to actually watching porn. Just an idea :)
  8. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    Ever read the user GABEs success story? He was a lot like you. The more you can avoid orgasms, too, the faster you will recover and "stick" or stay there, without an orgasm knocking you into flatline. I'm dealing with these issues myself, too.

    I would go on some big no orgasm streaks if you wanna hammer it home now. 50+ days with no orgasm but lots of intense rewiring will for sure help!
  9. Altruism247

    Altruism247 New Member

    I feel you, OP.

    I've gotten run out of a few threads for sharing my story about this already but here goes again..

    Try masturbating slowly to realistic fantasy, no death grip, with your opposite hand. I've been doing this for a few weeks and my mental progress has been incredible. Orgasms no longer make me feel like shit. I feel I'm one of the more severe cases on the site when it comes to the accompanying social anxiety/depression that can come with it, and my greatest progress in those areas have been in these past couple of weeks.

    This was after going 7 or 8 months with zero PMO and very little orgasm except for when I saw my long-distance girlfriend (once every 1.5 months). Each time, after outstanding sex (multiple times), I'd wake up one morning during our visit feeling like fucking hell. Not just flatline, but full on depression. And with this, of course, came futile sex attempts. So I know exactly what you're dealing with and it's a real thing.

    Good luck and keep posted.
  10. ryan3456

    ryan3456 New Member

    Im in a similar situation to you guys. Havnt watched/looked at P since July 2012, still have ED, although not as bad. But when I visit my gf every month after one O ill need cialis to get hard again for the weekend. So basically same situation, I O and then go into flatline even after 4 weeks of not O'ing. I tried M'ing once like two months ago, not sure how I feel about it.

    Are you saying that starting to M a bit helped fix the flatline issue?
  11. fflatline

    fflatline New Member

    damn so this flatline thing last longer than a year? I mean some of you guys have been abstinent right and u tried to have sex and flatlined after?
  12. ryan3456

    ryan3456 New Member

    My longest streak no O was 110+ days, cant remember exactly. But I also go no O for 30+ days frequently and I'm still not fully recovered so to speak. I can have sex, but yea I do flatline after and its difficult for me to have sex 2 times in a day or even 2 days in a row without taking cialis.
  13. IcyEyes

    IcyEyes Member

    What's your addiction story? When did you started? For how long you were addicted?
    And especially... what do you feel during the flatline?
  14. ireboot

    ireboot Member

    My situation is every similar, I was just about to start a new thread, but the OP pretty much covered it well. So Im gonna add to this one and share my story.

    Im rebooting for about year and a half now. Still dont have libido except for a few days last year. last year I've gone 120 days of no O, and felt that nothing really changed in terms of libido, however my penis got more sensitive, better flaccid size and MW 3-4 days a week. So I started seeing my ex-gf on the weekends and having sex with her. No issues getting hard, some PE. But I felt like I dont really want sex,my penis never tingles like it used when I see a girl I find attractive, no spontaneous erections either, I can get hard making out or touching myself. But, I dont feel libido.

    So everytime I would orgasm with her I would feel like Im in flatline for a week or so. We did it for about 2 months, I mean orgasm itself feels good, but its not the same when your body wants and anticipates sex or/and orgasm, not when you do it just because its been a week and you kinda have to.

    About a month ago we stopped seeing each other for about 2 weeks and I went on vacation with a couple of my friends ( both have GFs at home and obviously they have no issues) these guys would hook up and have sex every night sometimes with different girls. I just couldnt keep up.

    My first hook up attempt I got 60% hard but then lost it with a very attractive girl. Second night brought a different girl home, didnt know if I would fail again, but somehow I was able to relax kiss her slowly and get 100% hard and have great sex. During the day complete flatline. Third night met another girl in the club brought her home and got hard no issues. Forth night same thing. After having sex 3 nights in a row, on the forth night I felt that my tank is completely empty but I guess I had to keep up, brought a girl home and my penis was dead and didnt wanna move. After this I pretended that Im sick and didnt hookup anymore for the rest of the vacation.

    I thought that maybe it's not the PIED issue, maybe I just have low sex drive all together or low testosterone or something. But then I read OP and ryan3456 and feel that Im in the similar situation. Sex throws me back into flatline every time I have it. And even I have no issues getting hard, I still feel no libido or urges to orgasm. So after I got back home, I decided to watch porn after over a year of not watching( I know its bad) I got hard instantly 100%, then after about one hour I wanted it again so I masturbated again and it felt good. I stopped the testing after that. Basicly having sex I can barely do it once a day. and need about a week or two to recover. But masturbating to porn I only need an hour of refractory period.

    Lets keep this thread going and see what happens. I guess we are 90% there, I just dont understand why do we have such a long refractory period after having sex and why no real libido or urge to orgasm. Maybe Gary could comment on this, that would be very much appreciated.
  15. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Did you ever masturbate without porn or just with porn?
  16. ireboot

    ireboot Member

    I masturbated like 3 times with touch only in the last 6 months. Havent watched porn in about a year, except 2 days ago when I PMOed just to test and see what happens.
  17. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    I'm a lot like you, too. Orgasms send me deep into the flatline, even after 1 year + of rebooting.

    I think some of us are going to just have to accept that this process will take a little longer for us - but I'm still confident we can recover totally!

    In my experience, rewiring with a girl WITHOUT orgasms is insanely beneficial. I went on a 50 day streak of this once and felt like I was king of the world. Super easy to get erections, high libido, and I felt happy and confident. I had and orgasm and went back into the flatline. Since then, I haven't really developed a streak longer then 3 weeks.

    The trick is to do these periods of high intensity, no orgasm rewiring with a girl until these feelings "stick" in your brain. We haven't used these parts of the brain in a very long time, so it's going to take awhile.
  18. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I meant before rebooting. Did you only masturbate with porn?
  19. ireboot

    ireboot Member

    I used to mix it up, but obviously with porn it felt better and more exciting. Funny thing is I was still able to have sex even in my porn days, but erections were very inconsistent. like 50% failure rate, I guess performance anxiety was a factor. Then one day around November 2011, after I failed at having sex I decided to fap, laying in bed. But I couldnt even get it up to my own touch, it was completely flaccid no matter what, thats when I started seeking answers and found YBOP. Since then I would pay a lot of attention to my libido, and except for a few days its missing still waiting for it to come back
  20. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I ask because I was flaccid with and with porn. Jacking off twice a day once with hardcore/snuff porn and once in the morning with fantasy. I used to jack off 60% hard and had zero drive for real sex.

    But I never experienced this flatline. I could have multiple orgasms by around days 100-160 and erection were fine again masturbating without porn.

    Just thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that every day I was jacking off without porn as well as with porn even though I had ED. But your saying you did the same so I dunno.

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