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    Basically they're stuck in what feels like a perpetual flatline with basically no motivation, zero arousal/libido, weak erections amongst other symptoms. I've been trying to quit since 2012.

    Basically I couldnt not get hard at all at one point during the worst. I was fapping by manually stimulating myself and even then it was probably a 30% erection. I conditioned myself terribly in the end. Now I'm getting morning wood albeit it's not frequent and its semi wood but it's something.

    I think, hopefully, in a few months time my erections will return and then maybe my libido will. Gradually I'm noticing benefits but the process is very up and down and also painfully slow. I was hit with very severe withdrawal symptoms comparable with benzo addicts. Post acute withdrawal syndrome is a real phenomenon that affects severe porn addicts.
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    I did 9 months hard mode and have gone in and out since then. I've also had sex a few times but it has been ok at best not how I desired. I still have a long way to go in recovery I was by all means severe. I have probably MO'ed 10 times all in all.

    I dont think it has set me back in terms of recovery I definitely don't get any guilt like I did with a pmo relapse. It might be effecting my erections though so I've decided to jump back on hard mode until if a bit of sex pops up sometime.
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    How were you feeling at 9 months? Were you getting regular MW then?
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    Constantly shit with headaches bad anxiety and so many more symptoms. I had a breakthrough at 11 months though and felt better then at 14/15 months functional. Morning wood has been up and down.
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    I get you my man, good luck with your recovery :)

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