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    Re: My theory

    Bingo. I feel like this is a perfect example of the general situation people find themselves in (myself included). It's like you were bored, but you just did it anyway because you could and there was still some semblance of pleasure. And that's where the novelty of porn comes into play. You seek out just enough novelty to keep you going, and then when you get to the real world and real sex, there's no way that could compete or even come close to competing.

    I was the exact same way, I was (and kind of still am) completely BORED and TIRED with the idea of sex and porn (which had become the same thing to me, which it is not). Sometimes I would end up just watching it and not even MOing to it because, like you said, "Meh..." Which is a weird place to be in itself.
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    This is a very interesting thread!!

    But did everyone ever recovered or healed from this situation??
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    it goes by period..and winter is not the proper one to get out of it;
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    hi, i want to push this thread, because this theory seems pretty nice and i would like to read some more experiences on this. still stuck in flatline for weeks.. :(
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    The simplest explanation for flatline is early onset PAWS. (Your brain has basically given up trying to get dopamine from the source it has relied upon for in the past (i.e. porn)

    You could conceivably avoid flatline by daily exercise + meditation + natural sups (5HTP, NAC, L-Tyrosine) + good nutrition + rewiring.
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    5 htp should never be taken alone, you have to combine it with a dopamine agent.

    50 mg of 5 htp = 500 mg of l tyrosine needed.
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    Sorry for unburying the dead topic, but I found it ... well, because I was looking for something like this.

    And I found that :

    The truth to be told, I experinced the same thing. Being about half a year into reeboot I find myself kind of reluctant to both real-life sex and porn. Neither seems attractive enough.
    I started on porn early (less than 10 YO; I'm 20 now). I am just wondering if it's not the flatline, psychical one - being in between porn and real libido. I can see my life improving, it's not like I'm hollow and experiencing anxiety or something. I'm just not experiencing craving for sex nor porn. And when I had sex once - it was strange, mechanical, didn't give me much pleasure.
    What do you say - having you libido tied to porn, computer screen and solitude makes it weird to have sex with real partner, it seems unnatural. boring even? Did anyone else experienced something similar?
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    I think it’s safe to assume that all of us in this thread suffer with post acute withdrawal syndrome. Going in and out of flatlines too me just means resetting the withdrawal clock over and over again. Like kindling with alcohol or something along those lines.

    How are you folks doing now? I know this is an old, old thread but knowing that a lot of you dudes were similar to me with recovery symptoms it would be nice to where you guys are at now, namaste to all!
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    so seriously, no matter how long it would take, did any one of you guys finally successfully get out of the flatline?

    ps. i am on a hard mode (almost i guess, no sex, no PMO, no MO, but occationally fantasize) for nearly 90 days but still in a flatline. and i agree with marco's theory since seems i have been experiencing the flatline for about 4 years, far before i started no PMO&MO 90 days ago.
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    Just over 19 months no porn. My cognition has improved I dont have unbearable anxiety anymore and I am getting better mentally. But my arousal is still not all there and libido is non existent I've only had flare ups of it like probably 3 times during 19 months. Also my erections are still not rock hard, they also come and go.

    This theory is correct in my eyes. My first streak in 2013 I had a temporary relief from the flatline around 70ish days.

    Most of the time in my 19 months has been utter shit to say the least. Relapsing pushes recovery back further and further especially binging.
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    What kind of sexual activity have you had since quitting porn? At a certain point it becomes about getting back on the horse in a healthy way to properly reboot and that's really where the most important part of the process begins. It's actually relatively simple cutting out porn when you know the costs and the diminishing returns you are getting, it's not so simple getting back to a healthy libido afterwards but it will happen if you do the right things.
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    Hey Winning its nice to see you back on this forum. More Vets need to come back here. When did you feel the flatline go for you? When did you start getting frequent morning wood?
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    Hey Guts, yeah it's been a while since I posted, you just kind of drift away when it's not on your mind but things have really changed for me in the last while and I felt like sharing could be of help to some of you guys so I logged back in.

    Morning wood, tbh, I don't really know or care about it too much, it's never been an indicator of whether or not I have ED.

    I could have no morning wood but still have great sex. I do get night time erections every night and some morning wood but I'm 36 now and it's not like when I was 16 and got a vicious boner every morning, ha.

    It's been a weird and interesting journey, I should really do a full update post but the big difference maker for me has been discovering dry orgasm.

    One of the things that Gary would recommend back in the day was getting intimate with a partner and not ejaculating, just enjoying the sensations and staying back from ejaculation.

    Kareza I think it was called.

    Dry orgasm is essentially what broke me out of my sexual rut. Before I discovered that each and every time I ejaculated it would be a significant hit to my libido and just 3 ejaculations in a week would put me into a flat line, even after successfully completing 90 days hard mode.

    My libido was just weak for a very long time to be honest and I spent long periods of time just having no interest in sex at all.

    But dry/multiple orgasm has been a game changer and the orgasms that come without ejaculation last longer, can be even more intense and don't deplete me. My libido is always strong now. I can jump into bed at a moments notice and last the distance in bed as well.

    When I've not ejaculated for a few days or more, just being in bed naked with a girl cuddling and kissing starts to feel orgasmic. It's quite incredible.

    There will likely be people on here who are resistant to what I'm saying or think it's a bad idea, that's fine, not trying to convince anyone and maybe it's not for everyone.

    It's still relatively early days for me using this practice although I have been doing it for 4 years and had my first dry orgasm 2 years ago.

    So there's a bit of an update on what I've been up to.

    What about you my man, what's been happening?
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    So do orgasms still put you in a flatline? I'm about 6 months into hard mode. Seeing results but its incredibly slow. Last year I went 3 months hard mode and saw incredible results but an orgasm put me in a flatline. I'm not seeing the results i saw last year and im 6 months in.

    How do you master Karezza? I think im going to keep going hard mode but i might consider your approach.
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    This is the thing, orgasms without ejaculation don't have any detrimental effect on my libido at all, in fact, they enhance my libido.

    If I ejaculate it used to put me into flatline but it no longer does. If I ejaculate now, I won't feel like having sex again the same day or masturbating. But the next day, I'm already starting to feel like it again.

    I could be wrong, because it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure this is Gary Wilson and his Wife's site: https://www.reuniting.info/

    If you don't have a partner to have sex with look at solo Karezza, there are some interesting posts about that on there.

    It's still in line with hard mode (i think) because in Karezza you are not ejaculating.

    Got a couple of questions for you if you don't mind:

    How long do you plan on going without an orgasm?

    What was it that caused you to lose the results from previous 3 months hard mode? Did you look at porn? Did you binge on masturbation?

    What makes you think going further than 6 months is going to be the answer? Are there examples of people on here who were flatlined at 6 months and cured at 9?

    Sorry if that's a lot of questions, really just curious to get your thoughts.
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    If you look round enough on the forums reddit, rebootnation, nofap.com and even Chinese forums people can flatline for two years or more. It is not uncommon nowadays. I was speaking to a guy on r/pornfree yesterday, his PIED took two years to reverse. I feel this will line up to my experience as well.
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    I have to disagree with what you said there. For a lot of us in flatline the excitement for porn let alone sex just isn't there. It's like you're exhausted from the idea. Objectively women look beautiful and yeah I would like to RIP their clothes off but the mental arousal just ain't there with us guys in a flatline.

    It's like the novelty from porn burnt us out but we kept pushing and pushing as we didn't know the consequences back then and so suffer the price of this all. Listening to my body has been key to recovery.
  18. winning

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    Can I ask, what happens after 2 years with these people? What is the outcome you've seen that you're hoping applies to you?
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    I'm going to try and go indefinitely without orgasm. But I think at month 9 I might try and incorporate your method.

    During my 3 month streak I kept going through flat lines even with the amazing results I was seeing, the frustration of the flatline made me M. I waited a week and I did get out of the flatline for a few days and realized I didnt do too much damage but I went right back into a flatline and I binged with M which pretty much sent me all the way back.

    There are several people who have been cured and flatlined at 6 months, Gabe for example did. This streak that I'm on now is strongly similar to his reboot. Even after 6 months, orgasms still would put him in a flatline. So I know I can't risk even coming close to orgasm. But I will definitely try your method soon and I thank you for bringing it up.
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    Big Lebowski are you doing Hard mode?

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