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  1. Forgotten

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    I experience the same. If masturbate while I have cravings, I immediately get hard and the orgasm is good. But if I say: ok this afternoon I will be home alone and I will MO, than I just can0t feel excited, I do not even get 50% erect and it takes me a while to ejaculate with a semi-flaccid dick and a very weak orgasm, even if it's been one month of total abstinence.
  2. Big Lebowski

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    This is also the same with me. Flatline is a very mysterious thing huh?
  3. LTE

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    I don't know that it's all that mysterious.

    There are two things at work here. One, is your libido, the natural desire for real-world sex. It's a part of who we are and not all that hard to deal with. In one way, it's like our appetite; you can be hungry but tell yourself that you'll be waiting until lunchtime before you eat. In another way, it's not like our appetite; it is self limiting and you can live without sex pretty much forever. Most of us would prefer not to do that, however.

    The other thing that is at work here is an addictive behavior that has gotten confused with your normal sex drive. That behavior has nothing to do with your actual libido and, in fact, displaces your libido. Let's put that in perspective. It is not uncommon for drug users to be malnourished. The craving for drugs actually displaces the normal appetite for food. It's quite possible for a drug user to to prefer drugs, which do not nourish, to eating food, which is essential to maintain life. I've heard of this happening with alcoholics as well.

    So, if you quit feeding the addiction it may take a while for the normal, natural appetites to return, be they food or sex. One forum member opined that a PMO addict was always in flatline but never realized it until they stopped feeding their addiction. I think that maybe a very insightful observation. It explains why a man would prefer his own hand over sex with a loving mate. My personal opinion is that PMO displaces libido and substitutes something much less satisfying. It's really not much different than an alcoholic that skips meals in order to have more room in their stomach for beer.

    For me, and speaking only for myself, I don't believe that one can masturbate regularly and maintain a healthy sex life. I know that I can't and I wouldn't want to try. I've seen firsthand how it turns out and masturbation always ended up getting in the way of healthy sex.
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    Very good explanation. Makes sense.
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    I'm glad someone posted on this thread recently to get it bumped up or I wouldn't have came across it. I am 37 now and have pmo for the last 11 years or more and all this time I was wandering why when I did it I was only 65 percent size and girth and hardness of what I was before porn and that goes with morning wood as well. I'm 50 days with no porn or masrurbation but had sex a few times with girlfriend and was wandering why am I 65 percent of what I use to be. Now I think it makes sense that I've been in a flat line all this time. Do you think I still in a flat line or do you think you loose that much size and stiffness as you get older(37)? Also people say older guys recover faster then younger.
    Do you think that's still true for someone that's been pmoing for over 11 years? Probably 13 or 14 the more I think about it. I don't have a year to reboot because girls usually won't stick around that long with no sex life so can I still recover having sex twice a week while in flat line? So many questions are going through my head. What do you guys think of what I said?
  6. LTE

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    I PMO'd from the onset of puberty for 43 years and suffered no lasting physical effects. I have erections that are as rigid and large as they were in my prime. It takes time, but you'll be amazed by how much improvement there is to be gained. Stay the course.

    FWIW, I concluded that masturbation was at the core of my problem. I've broken the habit of self-touch and now porn doesn't pose any temptation. Things that would have triggered me in the past now cause nary a ripple.
  7. chopper


    I am sorry i havent read every post in this thread but if libido is the only problem after your reboots why arent you trying all of the libido enhancing methods that are proven to work. Working your ass off in the gym, maca root, horny goat weed, ginseng etc. Have any of you tried these things to try and kickstart your mojo. I would imagine doing exercise and losing weight if you need to would be a good start. Exercise will reduce stress and get your blood pumping. I am just putting this out there so dont all shoot me down at once. I remember praying my problem was just a libido issue because there are so many natural ways to restore libido. I am interested to hear some of your responses to this.
  8. Ryan94

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    That would be great, but i'm worried taking horny goat weed/maca/natural suppliments to boost my libido would interfere with my reboot. I mean, there has to be a good reason we feel impotent and like shit, right?
  9. chopper


    Not really . Lots of men have the problem because of stress and other issues . Just kickstart it and dont look back. If viagra and ciallis worked after my reboot i would be very happy. I dont care what i have to take once i get active again without ed. I think they are just short term little helpers. You can reduce the dosage after . I absolutely would advise not to use viagra or ciallis if you feel you dont need them but with the other things... why not? Some people say you form a psychological dependency on things but if its just a pill to put some vitamins back in your system and get your juices flowing why not. Lots of people eat carrots thinking it will give them better eyesight but they can still see without eating carrots. I think supplementation is important for all health issues but if you can get these things in your diet it is obviously better. Anyway just think there is no harm with the maca and horny goat weed but you might want to be more careful with the viagra and ciallis
  10. whitecurse

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    i m 23 yr old otherwise healthy male n to begin with i didnt have much of PIED its jsut that i had trouble MAINTAING erection with my gf but not troble getting them n NO MEDICAL REASONS i cleared ol tests n in nights i hadd erections for hours so it was pron related coz i fapping to PORN ONLYYY for 6 years stragth starting with 2-3 times a week to evrday but i did reduced it gradually after my gf said.n after i reading YBOP.smthign weiired happend to me...I START HATING PORN LIKE NO MORE INTRESTED AND ARROUSED BY PORN anymore after reading YBOP n slowly it came to point when i dnt even get erection with porn ONLY but can get erection with jsut a sweet talk with gf even simultaneous erection n moorning wood i had.....then when i finaally gaveup porn i was on 3rd day when i had a wetdream n it took me in what i belive in flatline.BUT i was on an antianexiety drug "libryax when i had wet dream...btu losss of libido happend suddenly...then after that loss of libido ..i went on 10 days with alprazopalm again antianexiety.. after 10 more day i went on prozac which is safe for me(tried before).









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  11. LTE

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    Eleven days is hardly an eternity. Things will get better; but not instantly.
  12. Greatjob

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    Sorry in advance for such a long post.

    I am wondering how people come out of flatline. I think I have been in a flatline for 2 years, and during this time I have MO and PMO very little. I never watched porn much (less than 5 times a year) and masturbated about once a day till I was 18 (I am 20 now), so I have never been very excessive. I haven't looked at porn in more than 4 months, and haven't PMO more than 5 times in the past two years, but I still have had little success with getting out of a flatline state. I just dated a girl for a year, and the entire time I was with her I didn't PMO or MO at all. I would have problems lasting though. I would always O very quickly and sometimes without her touching me at all.

    I think my problem isn't so much porn as it is fantasizing. I have always fantasized a lot since starting to MO, and I think I trained my mind to O very quickly in response to fantasizing, to the point where I can O now without any touching or even a full erection.

    I have been reading healthystrokes.com a lot too which also taught me I had been MO the wrong way before (TMS). This site also explains that it is basically a physical necessity to masturbate for males to release the sperm they produce and that absolutely no MO is bad for your health. On that site a lot of people have recovered from problems by simply learning to MO the correct way, so I tried MO for the first time in about a year after reading this site and had a very interesting experience.

    The first day I MO I took my time and didn't fantasize at all. I believe it was the first time I have ever MO without any fantasizing and lasting longer than 1 minute. It felt great and my Libido came back basically instantaneously afterwards. My erections started being almost 100% again (although not quite all the way) and the next two days I had very strong libido and had the natural desire to MO again for the first time in 2 years. Day 2 I MO and it was okay. It wasn't quite as good as the first day, but I still felt great after. Day 3 I MO, but I fantasized which made me O much faster. After this 3rd time, I went entirely back to flatline. Also, when I would start fantasizing during my relationship, I would end up having a weak erection the next time I was with my girlfriend. The more I fantasize, the weaker my erections seem to be.

    What I really am trying to find out is whether or not I should MO since doing nothing seems to just keep me in a permanent flatline. When I do nothing, I can barely obtain an erection, but if I keep stimulating myself without coming to O each day, my erections become harder and harder. I have read about this as a way to to deal with ED (giving yourself erections then letting yourself get soft before O).

    I have been looking all over for someone with a similar experience as mine to try to learn how they recovered. I am going to keep looking around this site and others to try to fine someone too.
  13. Greatjob

    Greatjob New Member

    After reading more, I think I have a better idea of what my problem is. I hadn't read about edging before. I think my problem is that I have always edged myself with fantasizing. Even before I started MO, I would fantasize all the time as a kid and edge myself. When I am horny, I constantly fantasize to the point where I think I am edging myself all day. I am going to try to perpetually stop my thoughts when they come from now on. I have found it hard to fantasize less in the past since the thoughts often come without me initiating them, but I believe if I keep stopping the thoughts I have when they start, I should have luck.

    Like I said in my last post, if anyone has a similar experience or wants to know my progress in the future please contact me.
  14. CrazyLawDude

    CrazyLawDude New Member

    Why does PMO kill your libido and put you into a flatline but sex doesn't?

    Your brain thinks it is the same thing right?
  15. Dan82

    Dan82 New Member

    novelty. sex can't never be so stimulating as porn.
  16. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    No, it does not. Porn is a super stimulant, natural sex is not. Sex is like nutritious food, masturbating to Internet porn is like the icing on a cinnamon roll.
  17. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    One question guys, sorry to bring old thread up but think it really is relevant to me and maybe some of you. Throughout the years being in the flatline, have any of you had your dicks been in the shrivelled state for a long period or throughout the whole flatline? does it get better? Say after a full reboot and recovery does the penis go back to the shrivelled state after having sex or even mo'ing to sensation.

    A good few years of pmo'ing and maybe high stress I think causes this shrivelled penis, I need to sort it out its driving me mad.
  18. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    Don't worry about it. Flaccid penis size is influenced by all sorts of things.
  19. maloo

    maloo New Member

    Something I would like to ask everyone who has gone through this: "Is Flatline your friend?"

    I feel like it is, because I would welcome all of that over the anxiety guilt-ridden mongrel of the PMO addiction cycle. Hell with that.

    At least in a flatline it seems you can think and focus more on what gets you going forward?
  20. Xams2387

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    For those of you that have experienced "hard-flaccid" let me know why you think of this theory.

    I think I have this same issue of being in a flatline for like 2 years before starting my reboot.

    Anyways, it kind of makes sense if you think about it.
    The reason I bring this up is because for a lot of people they get hard flaccid, along with other flatline/withdrawal symptoms, when they start their reboot. I, and I think some others, have had hard flaccid for a few years, BEFORE starting my reboot. Not only hard flaccid but also all the flatline, fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation etc symptoms that come with withdrawal/reboot.

    My point is maybe hard flaccid is a mega deep-end symptom of flatlining and those of us that have it have just been in flatline well before stopping PMO.

    I'm 38 days in

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