Flatline theory

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  1. terayon

    terayon New Member

    after reading this topic i think i'm suffering from flatline for about 6 years. today i'm 33 days after my last relapse, and 94 days in total i'm not masturbating from september 2012.

    i don't consider flatline as my biggest problem. my main goal is to get rid of social anxiety, GAD and get my "action taking" mindset back.
  2. SimplyMe

    SimplyMe New Member

    Im 44 Days with strictly no PMO, almost no fantasy. And still in a huge flatline.

    Earlier i thought, man if i can go one week without pmo i will explode... but its not true.
    Even 90 days is nothing, some guys were 180+ days in a flatline!!!
  3. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    Old thread but don't confuse the effects of PMO addiction for flatline. Flatline is a sign of recovery as explained in this thread and the posts within.

  4. sak1234

    sak1234 Member

    Considering the science behind rebooting/rewiring is still being formulated, I think it is fair to think about this process outside of the box.

    Plus, no one on this thread thinks the flatline is not part of the recovery. In fact, what most people in this thread were discussing is the idea that when we continued to PMO, the flatline peaked it's little head up in the weak erections that were experienced. Using porn for longer, waiting on a certain scene, or escalating in the porn being used overrode that flatline and helped pick up the erection. Chances are that most of us had been recovering between PMO sessions and flatlines were there as a protective measure or even as progress. We just weren't aware of any of this at the time.

    At the end of the day, the deeper the porn use, the deeper the flatline you'll probably go through. Flatline is definitely recovery, but I don't think it is out of the question for the flatline to set in between PMO sessions especially if those sessions were spaced out by a day or two and the chaser effect was less intense. Just my $0.02.
  5. AlexP11

    AlexP11 New Member

    I think you can speed up your recovery if you are in a stable relationship with a girl. Kissing, cuddling...that is all good. But that doesn't mean you should have orgasms with her in any way - even sex can slow your recovery - but if you never had sex before or you had little contact with girls while you are using porn, i think getting a girl is instrumental for your recovery since you will be awakening the paths in your brain that are responsible for courtship but were cast aside during your teen years while you were constantly PMO-ing...

    SELIOG New Member

    That's a good theory guys. I'm in the same situation. I'm just start the reboot, and I'm totally in flatline. No libido at all. It will be a long reboot...good luck to everybody!
  7. shitcompton

    shitcompton New Member

    Something that I'd like to share - about 8-9 years ago when my high-speed PMO addiction started and my erections got weaker, I went through cycles of very strong libido/erections that lasted 3-4 days every 4 weeks. Exactly every 4 weeks...it was like a women's period. I found absolutely no correspondence with any personal or environmental factors. 2 years later I escalated to full videos, and had ED, with a COMPLETELY flaccid dick and nil libido. Even then, the 4-week cycle continued...I would have pretty good but not super stable erections in the "good days". It confused the hell out of me...

    In hindsight, my body probably was starting to go into flatlines but was able to recover somehow every month. It was fighting the P...eventually I found sites that turned me on even more with more abundant videos, and the cycles started to become not as regular. Just about when I discovered tube sites the cycles had disappeared. A few years later, it was back to almost no libido again, not even P-induced. The body wasn't able to recover at all this time around.
  8. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    That's amazing info.
  9. lurch

    lurch New Member

    I say gold star to Marco. I was just thinking about this very thing. I had decided that one possible reason for flatline is because in this process we are drawing away from all sex related items. If you have no stimulation, it would be natural to correspondingly have no erections. However after thinking about it, I haven't had morning wood since this problem presented itself so many years ago. I never really tied the two together but I think you're right. I've been in flatline for years now, not just since I started no PMO. I was actually thinking, probably like many posters just to MO occasionally, like once a month just to kickstart it. After reading this thread I'm even more determined to stay strong and avoid M altogether. Thanks Marco.
  10. _foobar

    _foobar New Member

    Re: My theory

    It's almost like you are describing my life. I started my reboot 38 days ago of which I have seriously flatlined about three weeks now. No sign of any kind of visible progress.
  11. Restless_Mind7

    Restless_Mind7 New Member

    2 weeks in and flatlining. I also think I never really had a libido because I started watching porn at a very young age. I'm feeling like shit now.. I really want to get spontanious erections.. must've been at least 4 years ago since I had those regularly.
  12. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    Awesome Topic Marco,

    I definately have been in a flatline for about 2-3 years for sure, infact the last time i can vividly remember getting a full on erection was at my late 15's in maths class from my maths teacher lol, funnily enough I went to the toilets and masturbated, I must of had some high libido or whatever you guys were on about, but when I was in my prime of pmoing every single day wtihout fail around late 15 early 16 my erections were getting weaker and weaker and to the point of that I wasnt even aroused, it became an automatic thing where I would have a wank in the morning and one at night to fall asleep.

    But yea, getting back on topic I definately agree with this and this does seem to be a common trend on this thread. Another thing I have noticed though, is that on different reboots like my previous two when I started my 2nd reboot on day 11 or 12 I had this uncontrollable feeling in my lower region around the upper legs, pubic region.. like I was exploding with sexual energy that I never felt before which I think was 'Real libido.' The feeling was so immense I had to get up and walk for a good 15 mins before it died down, but I cant remember ever getting that feeling before.

    I too think definately that we will need much longer than 90 days buts its a good think to get you shaped up for a long reboot the 90 day thing I find.
  13. Forgotten

    Forgotten Member

    I only partially agree with this topic. But it's a matter of definition.
    I explain: if with "flatline" you mean a heavy loss of interest in real girls and real sex, then yes, I have been in a flatline for the last 2 or maybe even 3 years (and this explains how I managed to survive without never having a girlfriend).
    But if you mean a complete loss of sex drive, including the desire to masturbate, then the answer is no: in this case, my flatline started exactly 100 days ago. Before starting this rebooting, I was not interest in real sex, but I was still, in some way, horny: I needed to masturbate (and to watch porn). The idea of maturbating to porn turned me on. So it was not really a flatline, but rather a distorted sexuality. I rewired my brain to masturbation to porn, and that became what my brain was searching for. When I managed to quit porn, instead, not only I had no interest in real sex, but I also lost the desire to masturbate or to watch porn. As I wrote in my journal, it's like if I forgot to have a penis. It's something I never experienced before in my life (after reaching sexual maturity, of course).
  14. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    IMHO, the flatline phenomena just come down to desensatization. If you have been exposed to a plethora of erotic imagery and fantasized at length you need more and more stimulus to become aroused. Take away that stimulus and you will not be aroused by everyday events, especially so if you are not indulging any favorite fantasies and staying far away from your triggers. A porn addicted person has rewired their sexual excitement to artificial stimulants, such as porn, and it takes time for these connections to be wired back to the real world.
  15. I've read here some comments, so I'd share my case too:

    It is very strange I have a small penis during this "flatline" it shrinks as everybody noticed in their cases, but I can't understand where my horniness comes from? I have days when I'm not horny, the other days still with a dead penis but feel so horny. Can't really explain, and I don't know if I'm exactly in a flatline. I get a slight horniness even when I see women on the streets, but down in my pants I can't find my lifeless penis because of it's small size.
  16. captn_king

    captn_king New Member

    This theory seems true for me too. I haven't had any libido since last summer and I'm only 18.
    Have any of you guys made actual progress towards regaining libido and curing ED. I haven't looked at porn or masturbated in 2 months (I have ograsmed with my gf) but I still feel like I'm in a flatline.
  17. Goodlooking

    Goodlooking Member

    About the libido. People really need to consider stress/depression/anxiety as one of the culprits. People tolerate different amounts of stress. The only time I get even the slightest libido is when i've been out doing stuff all day, come home and is feeling pretty happy.
  18. I too agree with your theory. I think I have been in a flatline for years. It's just as if it has become clearer to me now that I've started my reboot. I'm at day 38 and still in a flatline with low libido.

    I have no hopes that this will be fixed in 90 days. To me, 90 days is just the beginning. I'm going to let this take all the time needed.

    Having a dysfunctional erection and as a consequence a dysfunctional sex life whilst using porn for "relief" is not an alternative for me anymore.
  19. ireboot

    ireboot Member

    After reading the whole thread again, i must say i agree with the theory 100%. I realized i was in a flatline before even attempting to do no pmo. I was fapping with and without porn as a habit no because i had physical desire or libido. Thats why when i was trying to have sex and it didnt work out i blamed on alcohol, being tired, performance anxiety or something else. But now i know i didnt get it up because my body didnt want sex, i was in a flatline for years. Now its all about waiting until flatline goes away. I know girls that are down to party and have sex but i wont even attempt because i just dont feel the desire even though i find them attractive. Feedback is welcomed
  20. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    If I don't masturbate for a while, there is a window of time where doing so would be very unpleasureable..meaning, i'd have a hard time getting hard and getting off..but, if I did it just at the right time, I"d cum a lot and it would feel amazing..not sure if that's a flatline

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