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  1. marco

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    Ok, so it's been 11 days since I started the reboot and it's been a heavy flatline since day 1 (no or pathetic morning wood, no erections through the day, dead and small dick, no libido, etc.). And now that I look back over the years, it's always been like that, it's like I hit the flatline a few years before when PMO completely drained me except I didn't know that and continued with the PMO never giving my body and brain time to heal itself. So now that I stopped I hit the flatline from start. Only, this time, I will not interrupt it and will give my brain all the time it needs in order to heal itself (and I think it will take a looong time/flatline in order for things to return to normal considering I've been in a flatline for years before just didn't know it). What do you guys think of this theory?
  2. Invictus01

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    Re: My theory

    Ya know... I was thinking about the same thing. It's like I didn't hit a deadline when I started. I WAS in one all along.
  3. marco

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    Re: My theory

    My point exactly. Only thing is, we didn't know we were in a flatline so we continued to masturbate/have sex despite that which resulted in a weak erections/bad experience/loss of erections which is all normal if you are in a flatline. And we didn't give it enough time to heal itself because we were interrupting it daily with PMO.
  4. superduper

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    Re: My theory

    My experience agrees with this theory. I reckon I've been in a flatline for about 5-6 years (I'm 25 now). Thing is I never quit porn long enough to tell a difference. As soon as my libido started to come back I would relapse.

    I did notice having a disconnection with my dick after awhile. I even suspected porn use all along, but because of the constant relapsing and all my friends claiming to have no problem with porn, I didn't take it seriously enough. Looked into so many other issues like testosterone, exercise, etc but nothing changed,
  5. freefrompmo

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    Re: My theory

    I think this is spot on for a lot of us here, when I first introduced myself to the community I made a lot of comments/questions like this bc I haven't actually watched porn consistently in 6 years. But when I was watching it a lot, I was in college, had a ton of free time and was away from my gf, so I watched A LOT. All of a sudden one day I couldn't keep it up anymore and had zero libido, so I stopped watching porn very much. But then I felt worse and my dick would shrivel, so I though quitting porn actually made it worse, so I would watch. And then even after I decided that couldn't be true and quit again, after about 8-10 days I would start to have a HINT of a libido and would watch porn again. So I have been in a CONTINUOUS flatline for like 6 years basically is my theory. Slowly starting to get out and then slowly putting myself back in, etc.
  6. CidGuerreiro

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    Re: My theory

    I don't even know whether I'm in a flatlin or not. Am I?

    I feel the urge to fap if I fantasize or see a trigger, but other than that my mood is pretty low and I feel like crap.

    Am I in a flatline?
  7. Ocguy

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    Re: My theory

    That's a great question.. I would say it's still possible despite the ability to feel urges.. I've been going through it too..

    I recently relapsed and feel even worse.. libido down again. I agree with everybody's comments.. we've been in flatline for years.. I noticed this over a year ago.. Would take me a week to get any feeling down there and immediately fap to porn.. We've done some damage boys.. These mini 2 to 3 week reboots are not going to cut it for me.. need some serious consistent down time.
  8. winning

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    Re: My theory

    I went through a long phase of being in flatline and just doing it because I had nothing better to do.

    I literally felt no buzz or excitement about doing it, and the end result was hit or miss but I just did it because, well what did I have to lose?

    Later I realised how much I had to lose :eek:
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  9. bigproblem

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    Re: My theory

    same here
  10. Re: My theory

    Am i missing something here? Are you saying you really were in a flatline, but porn kept you going?

    I dont think i´ve ever had a flatline, except for a few days when i had to take a break because i fapped like 5-6 times a day for weeks straight. I had to take a break...lasted like 4-5 days.
    25 days in, no signs of flatline symptoms. Shitty mood, but thats normal. Urges to fap when thoughts appear would be normal too.
  11. marco

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    Re: My theory

    Yup. Up until, lets say, year 15 all ever thought about was sex sex sex and sex. I found pleasure talking about sex, thinking about it, masturbating to porn, everything. And then, suddenly, it's like I became bored with it, or better yet EXHAUSTED. I no longer found interesting anything that had to do with sex and when the real sex came for the first time I was like "So this is it? Meh...". And also my erections weakened during the following years and I lost morning wood. All classical symptoms of a flatline. BUT I STILL WENT WITH THE PMO ALMOST EVERY DAY. And because of that I never gave my brain the chance to heal, because every slight sign of a returning libido I would instantly kill with PMO.

    Now, however, I know better, and I will sit this flatline till the end until my brain and body heal itself and return to where it was before all this started.
  12. Re: My theory

    I just cant agree with your theory, because if i´ve been in a flatline all these years, how horny am i gonna be when i finally get out of one?
    Lock your mothers up, lock your sisters up! Your grannies too.

    On a more serious note, maybe you´re right. Everyone who replied seem to agree. Maybe i´m already in a flatline but i can´t tell the difference because i´ve been in one so long thats all i know. Plus everyone different and i find the term flatline kinda vaguely defined.

    I certainly agree with the last sentence tho.
  13. forevergone

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    Re: My theory

    THANK GOD im not the only one. as the italian urologist said "It's impossible to get errections after watching all that pornography" He sure as hell was right on. gonna be a long reboot..
  14. thePIEDpiper

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    Re: My theory

    +1 I'm on day 47 and flatlining. This is pretty much exactly how I felt for the past few years. Fapping became mechanical, just something to do to feel good for a bit and make sure everything still worked down there. The actual urges have been fewer and fewer for the past few years. Honestly, I think if you could chart libido, there would def be a sharp drop shortly after the advent of the tube sites. I remember thinking these were the greatest things the world has ever seen. I've probably been in flatline since a month or two after I discovered spankwire.
  15. simkais7

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    Re: My theory

    It's gonna take a long time before you are 100% cured, not necessarily so long before you are able to have sex. I think that if you quit PMO and at the same time try to have sex once in a while without too many expectations, you're soon gonna be able to have acceptable erections. The continuous "checks" and speculations on your libido are quite useless, at one point, you decide when, you will need to focus on the real thing and that's what matters :).
  16. darkknight3313

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    Re: My theory

    I agree with this. Although I experienced a flat line during my first attempt to quite PMO (90 days), it wasn't exactly the same as the flat line I live in. The flat line during PMO left me with no libido for a longer period and a weaker libido than I am used to. However, I would agree I've been in a perpetual state of flatline because anytime I get a libido I would turn to the internet. Libido gone....wouldn't take much as it was fragile.

    This has been my state for 6 or 7 years.
  17. GGZ

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    Re: My theory

    Same here. I can't actually remember the day I had a huge libido. Basically, I fapped any day whether i was horny or not. I did it for years, the feeling was so great. But since I started my reboot --> No urge to fap. Nothing. Zero libido. I am in my seventh week now and only hoping for better....
  18. ghostrider

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    Re: My theory

    i agree. I can remember get erect just dancing with a girl that i was interested in. Can't remember the last time that happened though. If only I'd know what I had done to myself.
  19. sak1234

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    Re: My theory

    Hah I remember either MOing or PMOing in the morning just to help get myself up to shower. Initially, I had morning wood, but then it just became a habit to MO with a weak erection.
  20. wataru

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    Re: My theory

    Now that I look back, I had "flatline dick" for a few years before I started the reboot. And all the sex I had, I had in this state. I remember after the sex, my penis would shrink so much like he was saying "Leave me alone, why did you do this to me". All this time I was in a flatline and I didn't even know it, I never paid any attention until it was too late. I just thought that my penis is so small although it didn't seem normal. And having sex in a flatline caused all that ED and shit which is normal when you are in a flatline.

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