Flatline after sex? Tell me about you experinces

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  1. Thisworld

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    I heard about a lot a guys dealing with the flatlines hitting them after sex ( i'm one of them) so i wuold like to know your experinces about this and if spacing the orgams or making no O streak can help. How we can get rid of this situation?
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    You're not going to get a lot of answers here. You have to gauge your own results. If spacing your orgasms out every few weeks or months isn't showing you any progress after months of doing that, then I suggest you just go hard mode for months, 3, 6, 9 or even up to a year.

    It's very simple.
  3. Universal

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    I too experience flat lining after sex. A 'safe' general rule of thumb: The less frequent, the better. As Guts mentioned once every few weeks-months seems to serve most people as long as they're completely off of P and M.

    In my particular case I almost always have a wet dream after 2-3 weeks without O. My flat-lines are worse after a wet dream than after sex so my aim is to O once every 2 weeks from sex. I'm still learning to restrict myself from Oing during sex.

    Best advice I can offer:
    - Never look at P of any kind
    - Never masturbate
    - Look into Karezza (https://www.reuniting.info/karezza_four_easy_steps)
    - Don't have back-to-back orgasms (I'm a hypocrite here)
    - Space them to intervals which work for you (eg. my intervals are based on the above details about wet dreams)
    - A shit ton of patience
    - After a certain amount of time (I'm talking months and months of no orgasms) you may actually need to INCREASE orgasm frequency. Don't worry about this step for now but there is some information on this at yourbrainonporn.com and also in a journal on this site by user '40new30'
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    Hi, i really appreciate your reply, it helped a lot. And well I know what means be fucked by dreams, right now i'm also struggling with "dry dreams" porn/fetish related and they really set me back. There must be a way to stop them!

    Anyway i'm reading your journal it's really motivating
  5. Thisworld

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    Thank you, yeah i think i just have to find what works for me. I will try to listen to my body and have sex with moderation, only if the erection is at 100%
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