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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by dundgeon5, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    I'm 19 yrs old, i started porn at the age of 10 and just started to masturbate at 13. Out of curiosity, i discovered this. At first i had this feeling of guilt everytime i just finished MO but then after about a year of constant jerking, i felt no more guilt or whatsoever. For 5 years I have been constantly doing this with moderate usage of porn. As i entered my college years i started to feel that my performance is dropping. I have hard time concentrating in studies. Everytime i read it just like i havent understood every word. I just read word by word but i have a very hard time comprehending. I searched the internet and researched if masturbating affects the brain or something, different sides say that it ain't bad some says it affects your brain thru chemical imbalances and those things hormones something like that. I got afraid and started looking in the internet for people debunking this fact just to get rid of the thought that i have been destroying my brain for 5 years.

    I discovered this site and read other posts similar to my condition, I want to start now, I can' tell anyone of this so i started saying it here now just to keep track of my progress. I hope i can totally get rid of PMO. I hope this is the answer to me being focused more.
  2. Xerophyte

    Xerophyte Oi you, don't call me a jerk!

    Hey I just joined recently too. I suffered from poor academic performance from PMO too. I hope we can find a solution together. :)
  3. Master3

    Master3 You control your life

    Hey, great that you discovered this site. For more information about how porn affect you go to. you will find all info you need
  4. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    Day 2. Just woke up. Getting ready for school, fapping crossed my mind but i managed to avoid it. Hope this day is a good one.
  5. John32

    John32 Member

    Yes it is true, porn addiction causes hormones and brain chemicals imbalances which affect concentration levels. Its a good thing that you decided to quit porn when you realised that it was affecting your concentration levels in your academic career most people (me for instance) only notice it when we cant have sex or something. Anyway you have the right idea and motive so keep going and remember it gets easier :D
  6. Xerophyte

    Xerophyte Oi you, don't call me a jerk!

    Smurfy hang in their buddy. I like the attitude, keep it up.
  7. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    Day 6, i somehow managed to avoid PMO :) doing things that keeps me busy. I avoid being alone in my room as much as possible, so i stay at the library most of the time with my friends. The biggest challenge is the morning wood, but it resist masturbating by thinking of my goals. I won't exchange a moment of pleasure for a lifetime problem. I'm glad people are supporting me here. I don't feel so alone anymore.
  8. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    Yes, we can do this. Just focus on you goals in life think of what awaits you. Good luck my friend.
  9. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    This would be my 9th day :) so far so good but im still having brain fog can't seem to focus on a certain subject for too long. In the afternoon i felt so weak and breaths are shallow. I am still hoping to see some more improvements. I think i am not being dependent on fapping as my stress reliever now :) I CAN DO THIS!
  10. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    11th day crap, i got dragged into it again damn. RESET shit. i was feeling so alone i was so frustrated no changes seems to be happening.
  11. dundgeon5

    dundgeon5 New Member

    It has been 3 and a half year since I've started this. I somehow managed to finish my degree on time and also pass the licensure exam (Engr.dundgeon5) and now I'm working in a construction company. The brain fog is still there sometimes but compared to past experiences it has been less frequent. Along the way another problem came, nerves at the left side of my neck seems to be damaged(?) i feel some pressure on the left side of my tongue, on the roof of my mouth and gums (all of these are at the right side) I don't know why, is this still linked to excessive masturbation.
  12. Rick Grimes

    Rick Grimes New Member

    Here's a tip.

    How about you have new productive habits for yourself and you stick to it.
    Take a calendar (or draw one) and mark the days in which you were diligent in your new habits. Also, mark the days in which you relapsed and how many times too. If you really stick to and be diligent in your new habits, you can see your amount of relapses lowering down month by month until it stops. This is an adaptive process for the brain, using it's plastic nature.

    Also, ditch away your phone and internet connection if it is possible, atleast for 90 days. The sacrifice is really worth it.


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