Fish Oil? Anyone

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Unstable, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Unstable

    Unstable Member

    Anyone used this supplement? Does it work, if so what benefits did you feel?
  2. princeps

    princeps New Member

    I take 6-8 grams a day. LOVE IT. I deal with slight depression (never officially diagnosed), and this stuff really keeps the hopeless thoughts at bay. I won't say that it makes me HAPPY, but it helps me not to be sad. Tremendous boost for my usual mood.
  3. steve2006

    steve2006 No Ragrats

    Yes its a must for any diet

    This guy knows his stuff. I have been consuming 4 capsules of NOW Ultra Omega 3 to get my 2 g EPA/1.5 g DHA per day.

    BAMBAM New Member

    I take Cod Liver Oil, seen great benefits from this stuff for myself as well as family.
  5. Unstable

    Unstable Member

    Could you list the benefits?
  6. Lavazza

    Lavazza New Member

    For myself, I've also found fish oil supplements extremely beneficial. There are so many health benefits that it's almost a miracle drug. AND- I have actually noticed clearer thinking when I take them regularly. I'm able to think of things from more angles, come up with better ideas and do it faster. I never expected that result. By the way, I take ~2.5 grams a day of omega 3's (which is about 8g of fish oil).

    Note: the FDA recommends healthy adults stay below 3g of Omega 3 / day (Not to be confused with 3g of fish oil. Typically the ratio of fish oil to omega 3 is 3:1, but check your nutrition labels)

    Yay for fish oil! You'd think something so seemingly crucial would be produced by our bodies naturally. Well, I guess no one ever said we were done evolving right?
  7. newday323

    newday323 Member

    Helped with my depression and gave me clearer thinking. However, sometimes if I take them for a while they'll start to give me anxiety and I need to stop. So just beware of that.
  8. sepultur60

    sepultur60 lets rewire this shit !

    fish oil is just great, use it all kinds of benefits come from it!
    it can even kick alzheimer, it really gives the brain what it needs :)
  9. dr.feelgood

    dr.feelgood New Member

    I took it, saw no differences, quit.
  10. Hello Penis My Old Friend

    Hello Penis My Old Friend Well-Known Member

    There's enough science behind it to make it a no brainer.

    I'm less sore after workouts when I take it.
  11. BAMBAM

    BAMBAM New Member

    How long did you take it?
  12. empshockwave

    empshockwave 26/m/gay but call me shocky :)

    I can say fish oil is one of the best supplements out there for overall benefits, from cardiovascular to brain health.
  13. mountainbiker

    mountainbiker New Member

    Yeah...Krill Oil for me because it contains Astaxanthin. It hasn't helped with my Anxiety at all, but is really good for over all fitness. As an aside I also take 1tbsp cold pressed flax seed oil daily as well.....great stuff.
  14. Lavazza

    Lavazza New Member

    I realize I made a mistake earlier- I will amend that post also. The recommended daily limit by the FDA is *not* 3g of Fish oil per day, it's 3g of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3's consist primarily of EPA and DHA. So when you look at your fish oil supplement, the combined and total omega 3 is what you want to focus on.

    In many cases you will have less omega 3's to fish oil milligrams, so you may find that you need to take many more fish oil capsules to get to the right number of omega 3's per day. For example, each fish oil capsule I take is 1000mg of fish oil, but only 300mg of omega 3's. So I take 8 of those per day to get to 2400mg of omega 3, however that is also 8000mg of fish oil.

    Also make sure to take note of the serving size. My bottle lists two capsules as one serving, so I had to divide their figures by 2 to find out what each pill contains.

    The stuff has so many benefits... here are some more:

  15. Silver

    Silver Everything will turn out OK.

    I took them for a while every now and then. (Cod liver oil) When I begin, I feel like my concentration goes up, feel cheerier and much more hungry than usual. Though the effect lessens in 3 weeks. (Or I adjust to the new state) It is not overly powerful but it's also healthy for you. I recall it helps vitamin-d formation (which in turn actually protects you from sunlight) so I try to take more during summer.

    My mothers doctor actually told her not to take them continually for a long time; because they might overwork the kidney or something. But he said this when she was taking both echinasea (that herb that supposedly boosts immunity, which is proven to be false by further research) and cod liver oil so it might be the other pill.

    Eating cold water fish is probably a better source though; since the major source of Omega-3 that humans can use comes from them. (The plant versions are not really absorbed or something along that line i forgot) But if you live where those are delicacies; not common food, better make with the supplements.
  16. empshockwave

    empshockwave 26/m/gay but call me shocky :)

    Well too much Cod liver oil could possibly result in too much vitamin A and maybe experience some toxicity effects. This is because livers are rich in them in general. Fish oil on the other hand does not have as much high amounts. So that's why some people prefer fish oil.

    People have died from eating the liver of some animals because of the really high levels of vitamin A (like polar bear liver) - but these are ridiculously high levels.
  17. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    Had bad experience, felt nothing good coming from it, took it 3 times a day and it did absolutely nothing for me, I had terrible brain fatigue and more but I have a feeling since everyone's having such great experience with it that I was just having very bad withdrawal symptoms at the time, so maybe it was bad timing, but I do know for me personally, it had zero benefits, zero, and I used it like it said on the bottle for quite a couple of weeks, and it was a good brand also.
  18. sak1234

    sak1234 Member

    Use it in combination with my Testosterone boosters (since I have relatively low T). That combination has really helped me in the gym, but my mood is essentially the same.

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