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Does watching less porn make you less horny in the long run?

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  1. Dec

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    This is my first post since 2016. Since then, I have a girlfriend which is great and to an extent my porn addiction is better than before. Maybe because my girlfriend is now living with me so means I don’t have a free house to myself and as many distractions.


    I am still infatuated by other girls. My perfect girl would have a really nice curvy bum, which my girlfriend doesn’t have. I have found myself during this holiday looking at girls that have really nice bums and fantasising over them. It makes me feel guilty thinking like this because my girlfriend is so good to me, but I’m also scared that porn has made me always craving something else.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? By not watching porn could I become less shallow and horny about other girls?

    I watched porn about an hour ago, but didn’t masturbate. Before that I went about 20 days without watching it.
  2. WilliamOneAndDone

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    Dude, this is really quite simple. Your brain, via a few million years of evolution, rewards you with a dopamine rush whenever you think of sex. Translation, you like thinking of sex. Not just you, but every person on the planet. When you watch porn, you think of sex = dopamine rush = we like it. It feels good to us to think about sex because those thoughts result in something our brain translates as pleasure, a dopamine rush. Porn did not do this to you; nature did; evolution did. We can become trapped in porn because porn makes it soooo easy to hit that dopamine rush. That is why porn can become addictive. You were never addicted to porn, you were addicted to using porn to reach a dopamine high.

    But you do not need porn to get that dopamine high. We have been getting that, via sexual thoughts, for millions of years. That high is nature's way of encouraging reproduction, aka sex, because sex leads to what nature wants: more babies.

    Are you shallow and horney for other girls.......Yes! Porn did not do that to you, nature did it to you, me, and everyone else on the planet.

    Overcoming porn addiction is not about losing lust, because nature uses lust to encourage us to make more of us. Overcoming porn addiction is about overcoming the use of porn to ride a dopamine high.

    My advice: quit porn altogether. Understand you will always find other women attractive, but that you will decide whether to act on it, or not. Finding other women attractive is how your brain is built, whether you like it or not. If you want to commit to your girlfriend, excellent, commit to her. That is your choice. But understand, your brain evolved to "notice" other women, whether you want to, or not. When you "notice" them, that is your brain giving you a dopamine reward for a momentary sexual thought about them. Does not mean you are a slave to it, or that you have to act on it, but that is hard wired in the human brain. It is OK, but just take time to understand it. You don't have to be a slave to it.

    In 100 years, this will be taught in kindergarten.

    You sound normal to me. Don't be afraid to be normal, just own yourself.

    Hope this helps.

    Much love.


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