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  1. right now I'm 192 days free of porn. however i'm far from where i want to be. I hit my rhyme awhile ago but seem to have got lost in the last 40 days. doing things I know aren't completely right and not living up to my old standards. i miss my morning wood and feel the energy flowing over. it's time to get back to it. I want to beauty of life to flow once again. so i decided i needed a fresh start with a new forum post.
  2. Maya Mckenna

    Maya Mckenna Guest

    Hey man, in on this.

    Don't get too down about MO, I'm sure you felt the same way about PMO in the beginning and now you're about to pass 200 days. Keep going.
  3. Day one success
  4. Day four success
  5. Maya Mckenna

    Maya Mckenna Guest

    Congrats man! Good stuff.

    What benefits have you noticed so far besides EQ?
  6. Anthony1991

    Anthony1991 I can only blame myself

    If your interested in joining my support group let me know
  7. I tried to last time but wouldn't let me as I'm in the uk
  8. Day 203 and day 8 success
  9. day 213 success !! and 18 days mo free !
  10. day 214 and 19 days free of mo success . I'm starting to get my life back on track.
  11. day 215 success and 20 days mo free. i'm starting to find my inner peace again which is bringing me great joy.
  12. sometimes it good to review what we have done to have success in the past and i realise i stop doing two thing that seems to increase my rate of success. the first was mediating as this gave me a still mind and help me find complete peace within myself and the second was taking magnesium which seemed to bring out the best in my body and mind. I have started these two again this week and will keep everyone posted about how it goes
  13. Day 217 and 22 no mo success
  14. Day 218 and day 23 no mo sucess and I had morning wood
  15. Day 221 and day 26 mo free. Starting to feel more like myself again
  16. day 224 and day 29 mo free success
  17. Kick

    Kick Active Member

    You're doing great. Keep it up
  18. day 229 and 34 mo free.

    i did my meditation and i felt truly at peace i feel like im progressing back down the road of success. life is becoming beautiful again.
  19. sorry buddy I missed this thank you so much and best of luck on your journey !
  20. day 230 and 35 mo free.

    I'm really starting to find peace again. we are the master of our selves. this what i wrote after finishing my mediation today i'm starting to feel the calming effect and relaxation restoring to my life. i've been snapping lately in the past few months and not my true self i think we do things that make us great but once we get there we stop doing the things that got us there and we start falling from grace i'm not planning on doing that again.

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