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    What does the hypnotherapy involve?
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    give this one a try, its what ive been using. its 3 files so you have to set up your player to play them in a row, this coupled with the CBT book ive been reading may give me the tools to overcome my low mood/depression swings. Noticed a big change in my thinking already, but its early days.

    day 3. Ive been getting massive urges at night, and not sleeping too well, but thats fine. Reflecting on the difference between genuine and artificial arousal.

    "feeling good" is a great book with a great approach to depression. Its not about ruminating on the past by finding techniques to move forward and recover.

    feeling positive. working on music today, been training. Last night I had fun working (hosting) in another city, I had a great chat with a lovely girl at the end, I was just smiling - what a charming girl. went to give her a kiss on the cheek and she turned and accidentally ending up kissing me on the lips! It was one of those cute and quite funny moments

    I was walking home, got on the train thinking how I was happy to just to have some good experiences for now and not chase too much, ended up being in the same carriage as one of the girls, got talking. I thought in the circumstances it would be silly not to get her no. so did. Nice girl, fit, late 20s :)

    going out tonight solo so a singer ive worked with before perform in a jazz venue nearby. hopefully get to catch up with her a bit after

    Been reflecting a bit on TRP and similar. Been reflecting on masculinity a bit which ill probably write about some more when i have more time.
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    day 4. Ive been feeling so great the last few days. I have to say thanks to @Johhny Bravo and @Fry2 for mentioning the hypnotherapy and also the book " Feeling good"

    So far, the last few days i have realised how negative, damaging, and plain false my self talk usually is, and ive had almost complete control of it. Ive been feeling great. My only fear is that what ive been experiencing is some kind of manic episode. Time will tell ey!

    I'd recommend both to anyone who struggles with low mood and depression

    Ive been getting up earlier and productivity is improved - but there is still room for improvment. Been feeling like its possible to reach my goals with music, with time and hard work. Went out solo to see this singer last night, perfect opportunity to start feeling lonely and down but i persevered, had a nice chat with her after. She was great!!! I really hope we can get her on our next track, she said she is up for it!!!

    Fun night hosting tonight, had a great chat with a girl, shes an artist. Lovely girl, got her no. and a kiss on the cheek as she left. There was a girl with massive tits who got me a drink, the kind of girl that had loads of "stragglers" around her afterwards. Usually i would have gone out with them, got drunk, chased her - even though I have work tomorrow morning in a job where i should be being responsible, but this time I walked away.

    Also i text the girl from last night, she replied but i found myself feeling quite relaxed about the whole deal - without my usual stress.

    TRP is great, but its not the ultimate answer for me, so ill keep searching. Maybe i found it now. time will tell.

    The ultimate game is just feeling happy, complete and motivated without a woman in my life, without webcams - then maybe, just maybe mind you, the next one(or ones) who comes into it are going to be right.

    work tomorrow morning!!
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    day 5

    i logged onto the cam site, but managed to close the window, lets see

    feeling good

    day shift at work, typical pattern here is start the day feeling low, but feel ok by the end. Today, I was stable and ok all day

    Today iv'e been successfully intercepting my negative self talk, which to be honest, is usually most of it. This is giving my self esteem, and feelings a real break and some genuine relief.

    In the book im reading, he talks about how conventional therapy often focuses on empathetic listening, and also understanding, but how this often will not help with tackling the actual problem. What we need is coping strategies. "stop moping and start coping" lol

    Lets keep this going, its good for me to focus on working on myself and music right now, and not so much on the women (although I will take up any obvious opportunities that come along)

    ATM im excited to think that its possible for me to change, and be a positive person (who me<!?) who takes control of his own life

    Lets see how we do

    Diet poor today, so lets pick that up again tomorrow. I think ill run into work, which is about 7 miles

    Oh and i got my referral from survivors UK, a charity which offers therapy for up to 1 year for male victims of sexual abuse.
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    I on day 2, I did watch cams the other day for about an hour, but im defo not going to be beating myself up about that

    genrelly, ive been doing great. This is the longest sustained good mood ive had for a while, espcially without having a woman in my life to "prop me up". Maybe that is the ultimate red pill, being happy being single without any female options.

    The book im reading is great, "feeling good" ive been listening to hypnotherapy every night for around 20 mins (esxept last night) and im really hoping to change the way i think, in fact im hoping to think a lot less and for the most part ive had a lot of success controlling my thoughts this last week or so. Ultimately, I want to rule my own thoughts, and my own time with an iron fist and progress is being made.

    Lets hope it continues. But it feels like im onto something here

    Ive been enjoying my coffee - max of 3 per day, not sleeping too much and ive had a couple of days of very good productivity, the kind I always wanted. Today I am quite tired, so its a slow start but thats acceptable, especially as i didnt sleep at all after both night shifts, which is a first for me I think.

    Im trying tor redefine productivity with music, not by outcome (which one cant really control) but by input. Good, focused, determined input, utilising time = productivity. Not the results, which are largely out of my hands

    Feeling excited about musical project, the first track has been a huge effort, and a steep learning curve. Now working with a violin player, wow I love strings and its exciting to have strings in my own production. Im really trying to squeeze the best out of everybody for our first track, including myself.

    I just want to throw myself into music fully now, I dont need a women (although it would be nice, and of course i'm expecting one to materialise eventually)
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    Ofcourse it's a bit hard to measure, but perhaps we should count the days where we are doing productive things and are feeling good instead of counting the days away from porn. I have always been a bit of a sceptic towards these counters, but after a minor fuck-up two days ago I actually had a long thought about how I felt about that slip and what I message I would give myself if I would reset my counter. I think the message I would send to myself would actually set me back further than the set back of the slip. I prefer putting a focus on the good stuff happening, so I'm thinking about another way of counting my days.
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    I'd be interested to hear about this.
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    Ha! So many similar things in what you write with the music and not wanting women right now. You have been an inspiration and rock for me recently.
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    lol, well if i can be of any help im always glad for that. TBH, its not that i dont want a woman, its just that i'm making peace with myself, and recognising that I don't need a woman, nobody does - that's really a lie we tell ourselves, and get told by society - in my opinion.

    Im sure one will be along at some point anyway :)

    You are a professional musician right? Have you got any clips of you playing piano? Would be really cool to hear!
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    Im on day 3 now and still doing well generally.

    It'll take a while of continued daily use of hypnotherapy and applying my new CBT type take on things to really verify things, but for now it seems like i'm really on a positive path. Negative self talk, be gone with you! Ones self esteem should not be so reliant on external occurrences, or rely too much on other people, especially not one partner in a fragile, early "relationship" We are adults, and we shouldn't need to be mothered. We should look after ourselves, and well.

    A few negative thoughts did try to squirm there way in today, but i pushed them away. Went to the gym, spent time with my family then a couple hours for music in the evening. One thing I would like to improve on still is level of productivity in the morning, although im getting up earlier when im off, its still taking a bit too long to get going

    I wasn't as communicative as I would have liked, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and tired by long social occasions, but that is just the introvert in me, and that is ok :) I will see my family again tomorrow as my brother is visiting.

    I did watch cams a few days ago, for about 20 minutes. I noticed that I didn't feel so good afterwards, and also I felt a bit sad - for the first time, looking at the woman. She seems like a nice girl, how did her life come to this? If there is someone who is really a sex addict, it might be these girls

    - Lets see how we do :)
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    Hey @cjm, I just want to thank you for sharing the hypnotherapy again. It's quite helpful and I've been listening to it every night.
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    I still have to figure this out though:) Will let you know once I have an idea!
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    hey man, you are welcome. Im just about to PM you with some more ive uploaded.

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    im on around day 3 or 4, i haven't totally been off the cams. But much more importantly, ive been monitoring my mood closely these last few weeks,and ive been doing very well and feeling quite positive on the whole Could it be that ive found a way to tackle this depression after all these years?

    Of course ive had some moments of sadness, but that is normal. Depression and anxiety, are not.

    If i can feel this good, in the morning, after a night shift where i've been up all night and only slept for one hour, without any women in my life, then things are looking up in a big way

    "stop moping, and start coping"

    really, ive been trying to think a lot less, especially the negative self talk, absorbing CBT philosophy and doing regular hypnotherapy sessions.

    I can see now how i've tried to "fill the void" with women, sex, porn when really there is no void at all. I have desperately craved female attention for validation, I have wanted to carry the presence of a loved one with me at all times, When feelings of love have arisen within me, I have attributed them to a woman, but never myself. Why do so many of us find it so easy to love another (and often one so undeserving) yet so hard to love and care for ourselves?

    If you think about this, its just lunacy and its good to challenge my belief systems, or paradigms. They are outdated and distorted views of reality, many of which date back from a somewhat dysfunctional childhood and adolescence. I think we are all really just looking for a belief system that works for us and provides positive results, not everyone will agree - and that's fine. Some things are not black and white.

    Am I an addict? I don't think so. Labelling oneself as an addict may be an example of whats known as "all or nothing, or black and white" thinking. Do I have some addictive tendencies, am i addicted to anything? Perhaps yes but this does not make me an addict. Many people have some traits like this, but also many positive traits. When i think of an addict, I think of someone like the people who live in sheltered accommodation for alcoholics I see at work, people who cant function in society, people who slowly drink themselves to death. With the label "addict" is also some degree of a victim mentality, and also a sense of diminished personal responsibility, a feeling of writing oneself off, of finality.

    "Only you can successfully persecute yourself or put yourself down with your own thoughts"

    Music is going well, training, diet etc. Now i have a busy few days off with 2 shifts hosting, and a night out with some friends and my brother, but still time for my chores, music and training as long as i get up early

    ive had a lot of success with writing down my plan for the day. Even if im out by 10 mins, or an hour in some cases. It doesn't matter

    even i am slightly sceptical that it could be this easy to turn things around, so let us see how we go but things looking good!!!
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    ^I love this, sounds as though you're really learning to love yourself, and you are being your own therapist, that is key. :)
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    ive still been doing well, PMO'd 3 times since my last entry, so an average of once every 2/3 days for no longer than 20 mins each

    honestly, I don't care about that anymore -so perhaps this isn't the right place for me to journal anymore, but then this journal became so much more than just a PMO journal for me, and also for others

    There are more important things in life. If porn is the symptom for some as it was for me, a way to fill the void, a way to FAP away negative emotions - then clearly to me -all those things are much more an issue than the Porn itself. So IMO tackle to problems, not the symptoms

    I can see now that most things aren't black and white, good or bad in such a clearly defined way as I thought previously, and the same goes for Porn IMO.

    Its been about a month now of feeling good, and i'm learning not to tie my self esteem in with things like i used to. So im single and not currently having sex? So what ill meet another girl at some point. I feel like next time round i should be in a much stronger position and i feel that i wont put up with any BS

    So my music isn't the world class music that i want it to be (yet)? So what im working really hard at it, and giving my all. With this approach there is a good chance of reaching that level in 5 - 10 years. Maybe less

    Its all about applying logic and reason to these idiotic and irrational thoughts and conditioning that have created my depression, and learning to love and respect myself

    Currently, I'm very content being single and its actually very refreshing to not feel like i need a woman, for anything. I realised that ive dated a lot of very outgoing, extrovert ladies over the last few years and next time id like to meet someone a bit different, who has other interests apart from their social calendar

    I can see now the absurdity of wanting someone who doesn't want you.

    If anybody wants a link to hypnotherapy files that im using, ive uploaded quite a few for friends and acquaintances, please PM me
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    still doing well

    just come off nights, mood still good. The biggest difference ive noticed over the last 6 weeks or so, and this journal is good because it can help me track that, is the absence of the constant or near contant low level emotional pain/depression

    I can see now that this has been caused by me, and my own thoughts. After all our minds are the bridge between external reality, and our internal reality and emotions.

    and no, i don't believe the answer for me is to stop watching porn or masturbating

    the idea that by controlling this one small part of our lives, everything else is going to fall into place seems kind of ludicrous to me now to be honest, i no longer believe that porn or masturbation are fundamentally, universally bad. For that reason I do have my doubts about continuing to journal here, i'm not sure.

    porn wise, i just had a 4 day period without watching any, then watched some cams yesterday. For now I give myself permission to watch cams, or M, whenever i choose too. Choose being the operative word. As im not in any kind of sexual relationship now, in my opinion the negative effects are negligible. There may even be positives

    Things that are currently working for me:

    moving away from the "victim" mentality. This can be kind of comforting, I think it elicits a sympathetic or empathetic response from people on the whole, or makes us feel that we are entitled to that at least, and absolves us of some personal responsibility. We all have our struggles, and most of us have experienced some kind of pretty severe trauma in life. The idea is that one shouldn't feel shitty all the time, or even most of the time just because of that.

    more positive language, externally, and more importantly, internally. Realising how negative my internal dialogue has been was a real shock to me. I no longer beat myself up mentally! You get more out of yourself with kindness, and without coercion, just as you generally do with others!

    Hypnotherapy recordings. For me, it works, fact. Considering meeting an actual practitioner.

    Approach to relationships and women in general. I feel like ive swallowed the red pill, for real. Ive been in relationships of a kind, or pursuing one for the last 10 years. Why do so many of us feel so defined by our coupling/relationships? Why does that validation from that "special" someone who we choose matter so much?

    I know women and sex, relationships can be a wonderful thing but it also has come with a whole load of stress, drama, obligation.

    Having said that, I am open to genuine oppertuniteis that come along (had a "near miss" the other night with a very nice looking girl) But i will not allow my self esteem to be tied into this bullshit any longer! That is the crux of it. For real. Of course I still desire women just as much as before, but im not going to channel so much energy into it, or chase after women that are not obviously interested anymore! And that, is the reality of the situation. A majority of women aren't interested in me, and that's fine. Ill just take the ones who are.

    Being proactive, making use of my time. If there is a cure for this low level depression of mine, its been this. Im working hard at my music, and regardless of outcome, just the act of working hard towards something that you love is very rewarding

    Goes without saying, eating well (mostly) and staying in shape. They are the cornerstones of what we do for ourselves to keep the machine ticking over nicely

    Separating self esteem from things that happen to us, or things we do (for example slipping up or making a mistake)

    Male friends. There are a lot of very cool and interesting guys out there, I tend to find it easier to connect on an intellectual level, and bond with guys. Male friends are so important and of course things are generally simpler, especially as you dont want to have sex with them lol!

    I am the most important person in my life, and unless I have a child (which i dont currently want - maybe I will never want that or be in the position to have it), that will never change.

    I really hope I can continue feeling good, but for now I feel like im on the path to absolutely cracking it

    I cancelled my therapy seesion. I have been on the waiting list for survors UK, a place came up. However, although they are a charity, they still charge quite high fees and from what I understand offer traditional talking therapy, which ive done enough of already

    I don't think dragging up the past, again, is going to help much and now i dont need it. I can look after myself. "stop moping and start coping"

    hope everyone is well :)
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