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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Mountainmanred, May 1, 2014.

  1. picats3141

    picats3141 Active Member

    15, Ohio. PM if interested
  2. 29 from india, let me know if anyone is intereste
  3. Kidicarus7

    Kidicarus7 Guest

    Yea my name is Desmond and I'm seriously wanting to quit. I'm 22 living in California and yea man would like a another soldier in this war with me. Message me and hopefully we come out champions together!
  4. upside

    upside New Member

    I'm 43, UK. Looking for a partner who I can rely on for a quick response when I'm struggling with the reboot and need moral support. Serious about quitting, hope you are too.
  5. luis_lp9

    luis_lp9 Just keep going

    Luis from Spain, 23 years old, looking for someone to help each other in this fight. We can talk by whatsapp, telegram or email. Write me a PM
  6. Brunevii

    Brunevii Something I try to teach all my boys..

    I'm looking for an accountability partner. Someone to talk to about this crap at least a couple of times a week. Writing does not seems so.. direct and does not feel to me like really communicating with someone.
  7. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    29, Single male
    I want to beat this addiction, get in amazing shape, bang a lot of girls, Interested in fitness, self improvement, becoming more social. Successfully rewired in the past. Former military. Let's help each other win in life!

    UTC-8 Skype, Cell, PM or email
  8. DLX737200

    DLX737200 New Member

    26 Year old Married man in eastern U.S. time zone. Would love to meet someone I could call or text every couple of days. Send me a PM!
  9. thefirstsecond

    thefirstsecond New Member

    I'm 32, single, male, on the Eastern Time Zone in the USA.

    Into fitness and self-improvement and all around badassery.

    Let's kick this habit for good!

    PM me if you are also looking.
  10. incotb


    18 Years, Male

    I really need to quit this bad habit.
  11. WIP2014

    WIP2014 New Member

    Interested in an accountability buddy. M, 34 East Coast USA

    DABLAZE New Member

    Looking for a serious accountability partner in NYC. PM me if interested please.
  13. Rogue99

    Rogue99 New Member

    Need partner ( pref near my age ) im 17 yo kik me : Ziizwatchingoveru
  14. devilshadab

    devilshadab New Member

    Hello gf left me bcoz of this...depressed due to this since 4 ed got more worse...but after reading all stories here now I think I can definitely come back to normal....well m 26 yrs from India...lets revired our brains together. ..
  15. MGK

    MGK Zyzz's Legacy

    18 year old male looking for serious motivated AP
    Im interested in pickup , fighting sports , self improvement.

    PM me with skype name and i will add you.
  16. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    Hey all,

    Looking for an accountability partner in Europe. I'm 25 interested in sports, music, technology,sports, fitness/health, self-improvement.
    I'd like to chat/mail from time to time.
  17. ImReadyForThis

    ImReadyForThis New Member

    Journal buddy!

    I'm doing a journal on this site, and so I'm looking for an accountability partner in the form of a 'journal buddy'! (Lame name, I know...)

    Ideally, my buddy would read + post intermittently in my journal to encourage me; I'd do the same for my buddy, of course. Maybe we could shoot each other encouraging pms if one of us drops off the radar and stops posting. Send me a pm if you're interested.

    Oh yeah... I'm not too picky, the only thing I require in a partner is that he be encouraging - no negativity allowed ;)
  18. thefirstsecond

    thefirstsecond New Member

    Anyone looking for an accountability partner?
  19. health

    health Guest

    Hey, 20yo, South-East of France

  20. Stepped-Up

    Stepped-Up New Member

    I forgot about this and I still think it's a great idea.
    I'm 22 yo, currently in the U.S and I'm looking for an accountability partner.
    PM me if you're interested.

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