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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Mountainmanred, May 1, 2014.

  1. Mountainmanred

    Mountainmanred New Member

    So, I've thought about this idea for a while. I think for a lot of guys here, it is hard to do this on their own. Also, a lot of guys, like me, have really isolated themselves through porn use and have developed social anxiety and awkwardness. My idea is that guys here should partner up with someone else who is going through the same thing to give each other support and be accountable to one another.

    I really think this is what I need. I'd really like to be a wing man for someone else too. Maybe for a lot of guys something like this feels gay or hurts our pride to think we need someone else. But, I think it's that same type of isolating thoughts that turned many of us to porn in the first place. It's the connections we make in life that make us stronger and make our life fulfilling. This can be a hard topic to talk to with most friends and family.

    My idea is for us guys here to each find a partner which they can call/text/skype once a day to check in with. They can be there to help win the fight when there is a major trigger going on. Maybe you want to just talk about other shit going on in your life. Partners can set up the parameters that work best for them. The idea is to have a positive relationship with someone to help both of you succeed!

    So, post a reply here stating your age, time zone ect. and that you're interested and others here that are interested can PM you. Don't be afraid to reach out!
  2. Mountainmanred

    Mountainmanred New Member

    Re: No fap accountability partners, Post here!

    I'll go first :) I'm Jason 28 in Colorado, looking for a accountability partner. PM me if you're interested!
  3. King of ED

    King of ED New Member

    Re: No fap accountability partners, Post here!

    Wesley, 21 years old and im from the netherlands, looking for buddy!
  4. topkipper

    topkipper New Member

    I'm 26 and in the UK :)
  5. jeppie

    jeppie New Member

    Day 31, age 28, Sweden - msg me =)
  6. Livefree

    Livefree New Member

    I need an accountability partner. Please PM. I'm 37 from New York City.
  7. hassan

    hassan New Member

    20 from uae
  8. creed93

    creed93 New Member

    im chavon 20 from Minneapolis message me
  9. spartacus

    spartacus Day by day, step by step, I am getting stronger.

    19 and from UK. PM me.
  10. Stepped-Up

    Stepped-Up New Member

    this is a really neat idea.
  11. Wafflebot

    Wafflebot New Member

    I'm 26 from the U.K.

    Be good to talk to people in the same boat
  12. GA99

    GA99 Wazzup peeps

    I'm 14, and I live in the Central Daylight Time Zone (GMT -5). Basically Alabama. PM me if you're interested please!
  13. Inspyred2Recover

    Inspyred2Recover New Member

    27 male, married, looking for an accountability partner to talk on the phone with daily.

    Central Time Zone
  14. Pfree4Good

    Pfree4Good New Member

    42, M, Pacific time zone, looking for daily email check in. Happy to work with people in or outside the U.S. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  15. cariboucase

    cariboucase New Member


    21 Canada. This is my first day of this run and I'm really committed this time. I'd be great to have someone going through similar things to check in with daily. PM me if interested.
  16. jstncmron

    jstncmron New Member

    Hi I'm looking for an accountability partner I'm 17 I live in Massachusetts. Please pm me if interested
  17. Mark Stephen

    Mark Stephen New Member

    Hi. Mark 59 Northern Ireland. Looking for daily email accountability partner. Pm if interested
  18. xkcd42

    xkcd42 New Member

    26. California, Please message me!
  19. jhme

    jhme Member

    I need an accountability partner, im 26 years old, i have a familyand been struggling for years with nobody to talk to about it but me, pm me if you need a partner too
  20. NotAnymore

    NotAnymore New Member

    25 Holland

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