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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Wild Bill, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Wild Bill

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    I appreciate everyone's input. I've never gone through this and it's confusing whether what I'm experiencing is age related or brain rebooting. There's no info on any of this stuff on psych/med sites. The porn industry has the medical/political industrial complex under tight control it seems.
  2. Saville

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    None of us has gone through this. It's why this community is so valuable. :)

    The medical machine is at its best in an emergency. If you have arthritis: take a drug. If you feel down: take a drug. If you can't get a boner: take a drug. If drugs don't work then they offer surgery. Those are the options. The model of our brain as neuroplastic is the best one, imo. It's one we've intuitively known for millenia and now it can actually be scientifically measured. But, the status-quo dies hard, and all those bozos, er, doctors, won't accept anything outside their learning, because that would mean their learning was all a pack of lies...which, in many cases, it is.

    P addicts need to learn to "feel" again. Role playing, fantasy, PMO, is all part and parcel of the addiction. I would urge you, if you haven't already done so, to read the many fine journals on here. There are guys who are long gone who have set down amazing wisdom. I often read the archived stuff as I find it inspiring.

    Keep on truckin', bro'!
  3. Wild Bill

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    Thanks Saville!

    Ex GF came over and we had a scorching hot session x 2! Not bad for 58! I'm fighting the fucking chaser now. When does that go away? I don' remember chasers 5 plus years ago.
  4. GreyHeron

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    Hi WB,
    It is so great that you are keeping away from the P. for so long. I speak as someone who cannot comment on part of your story.
    When I read the above I thought careful there my friend. I compare what you have written with my experience. Many times I can walk down the street oblivious to the media around me. Still the fantasy can come on me at other times. Similarly when I have relapsed and looked at P. it has not worked, I have walked away wishing that I had other means of getting what I want. Only for me to make another effort thinking 'it is OK I survived the last time' to be sucked in deeply. I say this to emphasise that the journey we are on is not a linear one and some days will smash you really hard.

    Soar Well

    Grey Heron
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  5. Wild Bill

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    90 fucking days and no PMO! That's a first
  6. Wild Bill

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    On a positive note, my first bondage session with my 28 y/o sub went swimmingly! She's one of the best cocksuckers I've ever had!
  7. Wild Bill

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    100 days well motherfucker that's a first!

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