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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Axiomatic, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Wow just wow. Super glad to have read this today. It's been a year since you last posted I think you may have become a father now. Congrats if you have. Although I have a question I have stopped looking at porn but in every 20-30 days i masturbate. It just happens. I'm seriously thinking of quitting that habit too. Now just one question before you met that wonderful lady now your loving wife. For how long did you go No PMO at all! And after meeting her before you were able to have sex how did you guys go about bit? Cuz when I'm with a girl I end up masturbating to have an orgasm. Did you not have any orgasm at all? Just curious. Hope you see this. And english is my second language lol pardon me if I made any mistake.
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    Truly motivating, i am glad i found this. This needs a bump. After 200 days and not feeling recovered, lately i have been hit by a severe flatline and my sexuality has shutdown completely. I lost hope in the process and was even intrigued to start masturbating again and say duck it.

    Every severe case should see this type of posts.
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    glad you posted this. I'm 25 and my PIED started when I was 22. Damn. Its cool, I'll give my body and mind everything it wants so that I can recover.

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