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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Axiomatic, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Amnesia

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    Congratulations dude ! I hope all the people that suffer from this crap catch you soon ;)
  2. Giuseppe Garibaldi

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    Congratulation and thank you very much.
    I was in your situation,I couldn't get a real erection even to the hardest porn and I MOed with soft penis.
    I'm happy for you and for all of us.
    Your story is very helpful,thanks again!
  3. Axiomatic

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    Hi Guys,

    OP here. It's been almost a year and a half since I wrote my last update. Truthfully, the PIED days feel like they were so long ago. I haven't had a failure in the last 20 months now. I still don't feel 100% confident all the time, but it has been getting better always. I've been having consistent sex weekly and it has been working everytime! Keep up the good work all. It really pays off.

    Continue to exercise and avoid visual stimuli. I actually looked at porn a lot about 3-4 months ago. I didn't masturbate to it but just watched it. I believe it affect me slightly in that I got some anxiety back for a brief time. I gave up my iPhone and downgraded to a flip phone. After stopping the porn, anxiety levels dropped and I regained my social confidence. While PIED didn't creep back in (thank goodness), I'm sure it would've if I kept up watching.

    This will probably be my last post because this is an old topic, but just remember guys, this stuff works. Get with a real girl, ditch porn, realize if might fail a lot at the beginning, but keep your hopes up and stay strong.

    Best of luck, gentlemen!
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  4. Universal

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    Damn man this is incredible. Congrats! You've more than definitely earned it, inspiring.

    Care to share how your anxiety progressed? Also, what do you credit your discipline to?
  5. Thebeg

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    One of the few real succes stories with updates, thank you so much for that!
  6. Veeav

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    I wish you not to touch porn anymore even if you're not masturbating bro ;)
  7. keen to succeed

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    Congrsts! Throughout your journey was there anytime u lost weight ? Im on day 270 with lttle benefits becoming skinnier day by day .. n last any advice u would like to give me on how to keep it going cause im skeptical on if nofap works
  8. Mickeymouse

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    Axiomatic u there?
  9. simon1986

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    I'm here for the updates.
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  10. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Buddy I facing terrible insomnia.
  11. Yrotrt

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    I was like you i could not sleep more than 4 hours every 3 days but it will gradually back to normal
  12. ejb65

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    After three years working on it. Completely stopped using porn this year. Not used at all in 2018.

    Now I feel like an athlete who trained for 3 years and then won a gold medal and then came home to realise it was all over.

    its funny like a post-success low.

    I'm told it's like the boredom that alcoholics experience after quitting.

    I think when this happens if you have been successful.
  13. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    I can relate to you. Not in the same sense that I am succesful with PMO quitting. But once I trained very hard day in and day out for a debate competition and won the thing. Post the event I was like depressed. I was feeling empty. But that emptiness is to find something new and conquer that.

    Congrats ejb65 you did it.
  14. simon1986

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    This is my favourite success story which gives me hope since I'm 2 year and 3 month in. It's bookmarked and when I'm feeling down or suffering from anxiety/low libido I read this and it makes me feel better.

    Thanks for posting the updates too, would really welcome more.
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  15. Axiomatic

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    Dear all,

    I am returning to continue my success story and share how things have changed since I last updated (original post in 2014 and most recent update 2016). I can honestly not believe how long it has been since I started doing the No Fap. I will honestly say that things continue to get better even 7 years after quitting all of those habits of porn and masturbation. The anxiety definitely has diminished, and rarely the nagging doubts about my penis not working comes to mind before sex, but it is easy to push the thought to the side. In the last 3 years since 2016 (my last update) I have had zero failures and have been having sex 1-2 a week. Within the last year, I'd say I get erections just anticipating having sex which was something that didn't happen for a long time after starting No Fap.

    I ended up marrying the woman who I started this No Fap with in 2011/2012 (years are starting to blur, lol). We got married last year and have been doing great! We are starting to think about having children now which is a place where I never thought I'd be able to consider.

    I really do hope the best for all of you on here. Please keep your diligence in this process as No Fap will work. And while No Fap is about no orgasms, porn, etc., please don't neglect the aspect of rewiring to the real thing. I do believe that was critical for my progression in this recovery. I was lucky to find someone patient who would work with me and I hope you will be able to find the same thing.

    Hey Universal, the anxiety in response to not being able to get it up has diminished. My anxiety used to be sky-rocketing prior to sex, and before the NO FAP took place. I would always have those nagging thoughts, "Will it work?!" "What if it doesn't work?!" "FOCUS SO IT WORKS!" and etc. I don't have those anxious thoughts anymore. Every now and then I might get some recurrent small thought, but it's easy to push away and remember that it has worked for years now without fail.

    With respect to discipline, I recently learned that I have ADHD. I know it is thrown around a lot, but it is a genuine disorder that I have had my entire life. I did poorly in school growing up, was never attentive in class, and it probably made me prone to porn addiction. A positive side-effect of ADHD can be hyperfocusing on things that I am interested in, but giving zero attention to anything that doesn't grasp my attention. I think the discipline comes from that ability for me to hyper focus on things I'm interested in and motivated for.

    Hi Keen to succeed, I did not lose any weight during that process. Everyone's experience can be different so it's good that you are paying attention to how your body responds. I totally attribute 100% of my success to nofap and no porn.

    Hey Mickey, I'm sorry you are experiencing terrible insomnia. I hope things have gotten better for you since the last time you posted on this thread.

    This is incredible, ejb65! I'm glad you've found success.

    Hey Simon1986. I hope things are getting better for you. If you're born in 1986, you're 1 year older than me. There is hope for us! How has your journey been with this process?
  16. Thanks for posting this update. Honestly, your success story got me through some really dark times a couple of years ago. I've probably read it at least a dozen times. Congrats on everything going on in your life and I wish you continued success!
  17. Axiomatic

    Axiomatic Member

    Thanks for letting me know how my story has provided a positive impact. I really do appreciate it, and reflecting, I wish I could've provided that same feedback for the stories that motivated me and kept me staying strong as well. I lurked a lot back in the day, lol.

    Sounds like your situation has gotten better too (from looking at your previous posts) and I wish you congratulations and continued success as well! :)
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  18. Guts

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    Couldn't agree more with Just about given up, your threads and posts have really saved my life Axiomatic. Whenever I felt like shit, or doubted the process I'd always read your posts, thanks a lot and congratulations.
  19. Deleted User

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    Holy crap man,

    I'm so glad to see you update this thread. I'm user 'Universal' you replied to above.. My post was in 2016, it's difficult for me to accept how much time I've wasted, I've been having weekly/monthly relapse cycles since that post above.

    Just recently (2 weeks ago) I hooked up with an awesome girl. Back when I wrote the post above in 2016 would get 0-20% hard with girls. Last night I was hitting 70-90% hard for a short while with her during sex (short lived lol). So despite still going through relapse cycles things are improving. I've never connected with someone like this before and it's as though my desire for porn and masturbation has 100% vanished - it's beyond my ability to articulate. I'm currently at 2.5 weeks no P or M. Anyway, I'm just writing out of excitement I guess.

    I've come back and read this thread a few times and it always reminds me 'This is possible, you're not broken forever', it's one of the best success stories to read due to your perseverance.

    Awesome to see where you are now, married that girl and planning on having children. That's a true success story, making a life for yourself.

    So everything is good now? No post-orgasm headaches, lethargy or anything? You're basically 100% hard whenever you go for sex?

    UPDATE: Now 2 months no P or M. EQ is very very slightly improved. Usually 70-90% but fades quickly. Libido is generally almost zero. At what point in your reboot do you think you were roughly at 70-90% EQ? I suspect my recovery will hopefully take 1 year, but prepared for longer.

    Also very interested to hear how your motivation/ambition and depression changed through these years.

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    Congratulations Axiomatic! And thanks for the updates. This is one of my favorite success stories.

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