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    Hey everyone, decided i'll post my journal here rather than on a wordpad doc.

    Some background info: So I'm 28 years old with PIED. Been on the wagon for like 4 years or so giving one half ass attempt after another going PMO free for 3 months. Think the longest I've gotten is like ~40 days or so in which case I relapsed back to my old habits.

    So I said enough is enough and decided that I'm going to do it for sure this time. Since I know a mere 3 months is not enough to undue the symptoms from a decade long habit, I am hoping that it alleviates my symptoms to motivate me for further progress. Also I just want to prove to myself that I CAN and WILL do this successfully.

    As for my PIED symptoms for those of you that are curious. if I have sex within like >4 days of masturbating then I can get an erection but I have trouble maintaining it for more than like 5 mins. However if I did not masturbate for over a week than I have no trouble maintaining an erection, I just can never finish.

    Well here goes nothing

    Day 1-22: It went relatively smoothly, had a slip up like 1 week in where I voluntarily opened a video, but I did not M or O to it so I did not feel the need to count it, just learn and move on. Other than that I've been doing a good job of avoiding porn and inadvertantly running into sexual material. I'm not however doing a good job of keeping naughty thoughts out of my head since I was horny pretty much every morning since I started. I flatlined for about 2 days like 2 weeks in where I was wallowing in self pity. Planning on rewarding myself with a nice drink every month I survive so to speak so I've that to look forward to.
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    Welcome on the forum, and good luck. You’re off to a great start, keep it up.
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    Hey thanks for the warm welcome.

    Day 23: Pretty good day, decent mood and decent labido which proved troublesome but just taking this day by day. Have a scotch to look forward to next week so I'm excited about that.
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    Day 24: Good mood, though not the most productive day. Labido is still there but substantially less than usual. Had almost no desire to view pornography these past couple weeks, still the tension is definitely there and have to take care. Had my usual morning dirty thoughts, I can disperse them but not sure how I can keep them out all together. Started playing through a beloved game trilogy so i'll have that to keep me occupied for a good bit. STALKER for those of you that are curious. Can't wait for this weekend to come!
    Perhaps I will read every morning to solve my aforementioned problem.
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    Day 25: Both low energy and lots of tension today. Inadvertently glanced at a youtube thumbnail that was pretty close to porn which I immediately turned away from, so I'm bummed out about that, was not my fault but I should be more careful when I'm browsing. Mood is fine, like 5/10. Need to get some more hobbies or useful pursuits to keep my mind off it.
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