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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Subterraneon, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Subterraneon

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    Finally decided to do something about my PMO problems. Been working on rebooting for the past 6 months with my longest streak being about 35 days. I have a lot of social anxiety and negative energy because of it which I noticed was drastically improved during my streaks. There is a lot of tension during the streaks because I have a lot of sexual energy I don’t know what to do with. My problem has escalated and has left me feeling guilty, which I think other people can pick up on when I interact with them. Thought I was out of the woods because I started feeling more confident in myself and was out getting laid but I had intense triggers come up out of nowhere that I was not ready to fight. Now it seems like i’m back to square one, but I’ve decided im ready for another go round. The first two weeks are always the hardest but this seems like a supportive community and I’d love the accountability. I really want to purify my self from this nasty habit that’s been with me for years to see what I’m really capable of and to view myself in a new light. It’s going to take some fighting to resist the urges but I know that I’ll feel better if I can learn how to balance myself better and cope with negative feelings naturally instead of running from them.

    Thanks everyone for your support
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    Day 5

    first few days are always a little rough but after a couple days things get smoother and I start feeling better. I was feeling positive and productive but at the end of the day I noticed those familiar cravings creeping back in... it was pretty difficult to move on from them because the more I thought about them the more they seemed like an option. But I couldn’t not think of them because they were obviously already there. I managed to distract myself long enough to start doing something else. Happy to be able to give myself a break and feel proud of where I’m at instead of being back in that dark place.

    Peace and love
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    Day 8

    Had a productive day and later at nighttime I started getting triggers again. I chose not to PMO again this time though. It was hard but I remembered that it does get easier eventually if you can keep at it. I also wanted to be more positive for the week ahead and didn’t want to start it off this way. Staying strong!
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    Keep it going man! I just relapse after 160 days.
    You can do it man!
    Time to get it back on track for me!
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    Day 10

    Hardest day yet for me. It always seems to come in the evening time... this time I was able to move on from the urge but it was really hard. I’ve definitely noticed that it’s much harder when I’ve had a few drinks... noted hahaha. I have a busy week coming up- going to power through and let my old habits become a thing of the past. Glad to be where I am and thankful for everything that is helping give me strength.
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    Yeah evening is hard for me too.
    Just keep getting on here when it happens!
    It up!

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