fin dom / humilation / blackmail addiction

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by timetochange87, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    Hey guys, hope you are all good!

    I'd really like some advise on what to do. Basically I need to stop financial dom and humiliation related stuff. I have had a interest in it since 18 years old( 28 next year!!).

    I am / was basically hooked on paying girls to humiliate via webcam, even blackmail me out of more money. I have had just spent another £300 in 12 hours....not good at all.

    Fetishes I've gotten into - findom / sissy / humilation / blackmail. Sometimes I'd jerk off 3 x a day to this!

    I've taken some action, deleted all contacts and apps like twitter and skype. Hoping this will help.

    I really want to stop and change my life for the bettter.

    Any help or advise, or from your own experiences much appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    Ok, positive update!!!

    5 days into NO intenet, no twitter etc. Well , I look and feel completely different. Very early days but am on the right track!

    I feel more confident in myself, more motivated. My skin looks way better, fresh and some colour to me. Bags under eyes going alot!

    Starting to dress better and take more pride in myself...anyway this is just 5 days in. Before I'd say I was jerking twice a day, prob more.

    Even though I've not had any replies would like to say thanks to the forum, I honestly think this is going to put my life back on track :)
  3. TheRookie9876

    TheRookie9876 New Member

    I can relate to you, ive had similar interests and its been so hard to stop because there is so many triggers. Staying out of contact and off the internet definitely a must. But i can be watching TV or see a hot girl in my office and things start going on in my head, and itsalot of the same stuff that u like. Even reading your post I felt some stuff from the past. Im fresh like you, only 2 weeks of no PMO but feel confident.
  4. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    I'm starting to think about normal sex more which is good! Yes stay off any sites mate, delete the lot!! I deleted all apps aswell, skype, twitter.

    5 days in, this is it :)
  5. TheRookie9876

    TheRookie9876 New Member

    That is good, I hope I start thinking about normal sex soon. Now im just shutting anything sexual off, once it reaches my head lol. I think the stuff we were addicted to is even harder to stop thinking about, but thats just my opinion.
  6. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    I agree its harder, but don't go near it, don't even read any blogs related to it. I feel like I'm cleaning out my brain as odd as that sounds!

    have you stopped looking at stuff and cut contact?
  7. TheRookie9876

    TheRookie9876 New Member

    I havent looked at anything since I started and havent been in contact either. But sometimes I see real women or on TV and start fantasizing, then I stop myself right away.
  8. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    Hey guys, quick update for those interested :)

    Day 10 of zero findom / porn / jerking.

    Ok, I have masturbated twice in this period BUT with zero material, just thinking of normal sex etc.

    For me this is still a huge improvement, before I was 2 or 3 x a day and looking a findom and edging for hours.

    I realise just stopping alone won't help build me a new life, so I am putting my new time and energy into building my business and learning new things etc.

    Not going on any findom sites had helped massively, they are huge triggers. Deleting twitter was a good idea to!

    I have a long way to go but this is the best and most serious start I've made ever. At 27 it is time to grow up and leave it behind me for good.

    Any comments / advice feel free to contribute. Thanks :)
  9. Yuri

    Yuri New Member

    keep it up!
  10. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    Thanks man! How are you doing?
  11. timetochange87

    timetochange87 New Member

    Ok another update: day 11, still zero porn or femdom stuff etc.

    however I did masturbate today, so thats 3 times in 11 days. No edging though, done within 5 mins lol!

    I think cutting everything out was a huge expectation, I've cut all porn and reduced M by 80 % which is still solid progress.

    However, no more this week as I am out Saturday and want those magic powers haha :)

  12. Yuri

    Yuri New Member

    good progress mate, lets shift the updates to the femdom group.
  13. fedmom

    fedmom Member

    Please see a thread in my profile for getting rid of findom addiction.

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