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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Deleted User, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Hi people !

    I'm currently trying to find a solution to get out of Internet addiction. Not so easy and my self-discipline is not at its best.

    But social networks are things I think I can't live without. I tried a few times to do without and I felt bad, I missed a lot of events and I did not find anything to do.

    My computer is my nothing to do and useful tool for my University work. I don't know how I can stop my addiction.

    Do you have some advices ?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. BigPete

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    Hi, there's this great program you should look into. It's called K9, you can look it up and use it for free. It blocks websites and content you want to avoid when you are on the computer. I've heard a lot of good things about it, check it out : . Also try to focus on your school work, your grades will thank you later :) and try to cut back slowly, or give yourself specific times to check the internet only. Like once in the morning and once at night. You don't have to cut it out completely but by focusing on other parts of your life or improving your life in the real world will make you a million times happier than any online profile or update could, trust me, I know.
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    I had a similar problem with Facebook and Twitter when I was trying to do work. I sorted it out by allocating 10 minutes browsing time for every hour of work. Sounds like a lot of browsing time but it was a serious improvement from hours of browsing and no work lol. I adhered to this for about 2 months and after that I was only browsing because I had allocated the time, the urge had gone and I was counting down the 10 minutes eager to finish my work and do something in real life. I think small steps are the way. If you set a manageable task then it is much more achievable but when you do achieve it you still get that buzz :)

    Qualifications are the few things in life that you cannot undo :)
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    Bob Marley why you quit smoking weed @michael lol ??

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