Fetishizing PIED

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  1. This is one of the worst things about my PIED. I jerk off so much to porn, that I get ED after a while. And that plays into my masochistic fetishes: femdom, cuckold, sissy, humiliation, etc.

    The thing is, the people who make that stuff know it's a problem. You look at femdom POV videos and the women are talking about it, "You can't please a woman because you spend too much time jerking it, don't you, you loser," etc. Or the cuckold pics with captions telling you your wife cheats on you because you can't get it up anymore (not that I have a wife).

    It's a bizarre combination of fantasy and reality: these people and their videos are just fantasy, but they're talking to you about a problem that their own videos have given you. That's how you know you've reached the logical endpoint of your fetish, when you've fetishized the fetish's effect on you, as opposed to just being into the fetish. How fucking meta is that.
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    wow I've seriously never even thought about that. wtf

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