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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Doctormountain, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Doctormountain

    Doctormountain New Member

    Having always been only turned-on by female domination on male, I have decided to "change" and become the dominant one (in relationships), which brought me to the Red Pill and No Fap on Reddit

    I stopped watching porn, stopped masturbating for 30 days now, hitting the gym 4 times a week, eating healthy, Yoga, cold showers in the morning I had most trouble on the first 7 days to overcome the urge to go see femdom porn but after that it went pretty smoothly

    Got some good results: I now look people in the eyes without a problem, my voice got much deeper (amazing), and I am less needy towards my girlfriend (who by the way as 99% of females wants a dominant male)

    But with all of this (a lot of positive in my opinion) I am still very much arroused by the idea of being dominated by a woman, and I really want to be arroused by the idea of dominating a female

    Last time I had sex with my GF I was able to get an erection going doggy style on her but did not maintain it when she got on top (which she knows is usually my favorite position due to my lifelong fetish of femdom) so I take it as a good sign...

    Can anyone mildly relate to this ?

    Advice are very welcome :)
  2. steelarrow

    steelarrow New Member

    First of all, I am very proud of you that you have made this far. For me I haev never able to make any longer than 10 days. I am still struggling. I dont have the experience to share with you, but I have always been turnt on my femdom. I might not have the experience, but I do have few midnset which might help you.

    1. I personally think it's fine for you. Having her on top is considered to be very vanilla femdom to me, I mean, people likes to change position from time to time. As long as you communicate well with her, and each other tried to satisfy each other's fantasy, I dont see a problem.

    2. Your brain will adapt one day, I think you just need more time.

    3. try limiting your frequency of sex, because if you dont have sex for a while, even a pretty face of a girl could turn you more more than before.

    I ain't no expert, but just sharing.

  3. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Member

    What is the appeal of femdom? Even back when I put women on a pedestal femdom seemed unsettling (after learning about "the redpill" femdom seems like a crime against nature)
  4. Doctormountain

    Doctormountain New Member

    Thank you steelarrow, glad to know I am not alone :)

    himmelstoss: if you don't have any appeal for femdom consider yourself lucky, you are at the place I would like to be !

    By the way I am a dominant man in all other aspects of my life

    If I am able to get rid of femdom I would be in heaven :)

    Thing is, I chose a very domineering GF which does not help because she likes dominating me and it turns me on --> same old triggers

    I do not believe femdom is part of who I am in my core, but it is deeper than porn as it comes from my relationship to my domineering mother

    Hope I can get rid of this and can become the dominant male I have always wanted to be

    I'll keep you posted, advice is always welcome (BTW I do not want to live out this fantasy, which I did with my previous GF and that did not bring me any joy but only anxiety...)
  5. Queen|s Gambit

    Queen|s Gambit New Member

    For the past few years I've been watching a lot of femdom strapon/pegging videos. It turned me on. IMHO can't get any more beta than this.

    Nowadays idea of pegging doesn't turn me on any more. My streaks aren't even good by a long shot. A few days here, a few days there.
  6. Doctormountain

    Doctormountain New Member

    So you managed not to be turned on by this **** anymore ?
  7. Doctormountain

    Doctormountain New Member

    well well well, just came across this inspiring article https://femdom938.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/how-to-cure-a-femdom-fetish/
  8. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Member

    I wish he actually listed the supplements. I may have different problems with women than you but I still could use more testosterone.
  9. Queen|s Gambit

    Queen|s Gambit New Member

    The inertia is still very strong but it is getting better. It is hard to kill a 14 year old daily reinforced habit in a few months. Ok, I started 6 months ago.

    Just today I downloaded some femdom (pegging) videos. You know one thing quickly leads to another. Habits. Triggers. Anyway. It didn't turn me on. I fapped to a regular sex video. after watching them.

    Also downloaded a PC game. Played it for maybe 1-2 minutes then deleted it. I am currently out of a job. I have a lot of time on my hands. I am pretty bored. And the weather is shit so I cannot do anything outside. I have another job interview this Thursdays.

    Since starting the nofap journey it is like my addiction is rewinding backwards. I also have smoking fetish. I used to like watching girl smoke. Just that. Just crazy. Nowadays if I watch some of those videos I am just like. Seriously? I used to fap to this? WTF, man.

    Slowly it is getting better. I hope next year at this time to have regular 30 day streaks. I don't expect my life to get better overnight. Even 6 months is not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. I hope to be fap free in 3 years.

    Supplements? The only thing that makes sense:

    Vitamin D3. If you live in a shitty climate. If you live in California or similar it is useless. Even harmful maybe.
    Omega 3. Get the really high quality stuff, the rest is just garbage. https://labdoor.com/rankings/fish-oil

    You don't need anything else. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. And now and then make some beef liver recipe (beef liver blows any B12 supplement out of the water).

    Oh, almost forgot. Here are some ramblings of one femdom producer on P (http://www.young-goddess.com). There isn't any P on the site anymore. It is a blog. Text only. Personally the thing is a bit to religious for my taste. But it gives a very unique perspective. I think you should read it.
  10. Doctormountain

    Doctormountain New Member

    Yes I saw his bit it's quite inspiring (even though I am not planning on replacing my sexuality with spirituality ;) )
  11. fedmom

    fedmom Member

    There's a thread in my profile for getting rid of sexual masochism.

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