Feeling very tired, body aches , very low energy all the time

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by AVR79, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. AVR79

    AVR79 New Member

    Don't know how to deal with this, suffering from very low energy, tiredness and bodyches , shortness of breath all the time

    wanna change but no energy for exercise etc,
  2. bleaknomore

    bleaknomore New Member

    C'mon man, snap out of it!
    I was like this for years.
    I bought a bike and started cycling everywhere.
    Get your diet in order; drink shitloads of water and minimise your caffeine intake.
    No more junk food and fatty foods.
    Get a nutrition mixer (blender) and it makes it very easy to get your fruit and vegetable intake up with some tasty smoothies.
    Get up early every morning.
    Get out of this rut!

    Ps - Just in case, it's always a good idea to get your bloods checked. I'm by no means perfect, but i'm happy to say I got my energy levels up quite a bit through a degree of self discipline. You can too!
  3. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    More Magnesium.

  4. Greys0n

    Greys0n New Member

    We all need someone who can say...everything is going to be ok!!! So we can get some sleep. Rest and be well time is forgiving. Take care
  5. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    what is your bodyfat level?
    what is our nutrition like?
    enough Vit C, Coq10? protein efas?
    not enough info to help you find a solution

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